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Titanium Backup Pro Apk : In today’s world, keeping the personal data safe from the threats is a must. Additionally, the fact that we almost all of our confidential data to out smartphones, it is now very essential to keep the data safe from the numerous online threats. Instead of having tons of security apps for the Android platform, you can’t be 100% sure that your data is safe. In order to keep the data and information safe from the accidental threats like the phone crash, we would recommend you to keep up a backup of your device’s data. To do this, you can obviously rely on your phone’s native backup app, but if you are looking for the best app to backup your data and settings, then you should not look any further than the Titanium Backup Pro.

The Titanium Backup Pro is a top-notch app which ensures that your data is safe even if your phone has been stolen or broken up. The app has numerous features that make it one of the best utility apps available for the Android devices. Unlike the other backup and utility apps available on the Google’s Playstore, this app enables the user to choose the particular app that he/she wants to keep the backup of. This provides a better control to the app and the backup size that is indeed a clever move by the developers.

Titanium Backup Pro: Unique features

As said, the Titanium Backup Pro is one of the best backup apps you can look for the Android devices. However, if you are willing to access the app with its full potential then it is recommended that you should root your phone prior to installing the app. By doing so, you can access all thefeatures of the app without any restrictions. So, make sure that the app has access to the root of the phone to avail the true potential of the app. Some of the greatest features of the app that we came across while reviewing it are listed below. Go through them, and then decide whether you should go with this app, or not.

  1. Works flawlessly for all Android Versions

The best thing about the Titanium Backup Pro is that it can be used in almost any Android device regardless of the Android version you are running. So, whether you want to backup the data on your first phone, or want to upgrade your Android KitKat phone to the  Oreo, you can easily do it by using this amazingly efficient app.

  1. Extremely easy to understand UI

Once downloaded, the app shows all the installed apps on your device,and by clicking on the app, you can get the options to backup it, restore it, or freeze it. The developers have somehow managed to keep the complex process of backing up the data as simple as possible. So, if you were looking for a backup app that is simple yet efficient, then you should once try your hands on the Titanium Backup Pro to deal the complex process of backing up the data smoothly.

  1. Single click Backup/restore

The Titanium Backup Pro is probably the only app that lets the user make the backup and restore the data with a single tap. The extremely easy to use UI helps the user to get things done in simplest and easiest way.  Just choose the app that you want to back up and all the rest will be perfectly managed by the app itself. This intelligent move by the developers has helped the app to be the top grossing utility app on the Google playstore.

  1. Scheduled backup

Apart from backing up the data and the apps manually, you can also schedule the backup while using the Titanium Backup Pro. To do this, you just need to go to the settings and choose the apps you want to have under the scheduled backup. This will eventually ease up the process of backing up the data. And if you are not too punctual to do the backup, then this option will be more than just beneficial for you.

Titanium Backup Pro: What’s new in the latest apk

Although you can install the Titanium Backup Pro apk app from the playstore, but by doing so, you will have to download it again, if you are using it on a new Android device. Instead, using the Titanium Backup Pro apk will allow you to use the file repeatedly on different devices without downloading it again. This way you can save a lot of data that can be crucial if you have a limited mobile data plan. Here are the things that are added to the latest version of the Titanium Backup Pro apk.

  1. System log cleaner
  2. You can now create your own zip file containing all essential apps and system settings.

3, Now you can sync your data to/from the Dropbox.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk Download

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How to install the Titanium Backup Pro apk on your Android smartphone

In case you haven’t installed any app through its apk before, then the following step-to-step guide will be beneficial for you to get the Titanium Backup Pro apk on your Android device.

Step 1: Click on the link above to get the Titanium Backup Pro apk apk file on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tweak the permissions of your smartphone to allow the installation of the apps from the unknown source.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file. You will be prompted before starting the installation.

Step 4: Click on Install, and sit back relaxed till the app gets installed on your device.

Titanium Backup Pro apk: File Information

  • Version: 8.1.0
  • File Size: 7 MB
  • Developer: Titanium Track


In all, the Titanium Backup Pro apk is an outstanding app for those users who usually change their device in a year or so. It provides a great way to keep the data safe from the accidental loss. Also, even if you use the cloud to save all your data, we would recommend to keep a backup to deal with the adverse conditions.  So, keep this app installed on your phone with the scheduled backup on, to be assured of dealing the accidents smoothly.

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