Free Download Dragon land Mod Apk V3.2.4 (unlimited Coins/Gems) for Android and PC

Have you played some 3-D platform-based action games? If not, then make a note, you have not experienced the power of real gaming. The 3D- gaming is getting immensely popular among the gamers of different age-cadre, and if we talk about the game that fully utilizes this platform and provides an ultimate gameplay based on a tight storyline, then it would be none other than the Dragon Land.

Dragon Land is basically an action game where you need to clear the level to unlock new rewards and dragons with new capabilities and powers. The dragon land is none less than a fairy tale, and if you love the dragons and way they look and fly, then you are surely going to love this ultimate action game which based on 3D- action arcade gaming.

Dragon Land: Gameplay And Features

Talking about the gameplay, the game starts with amysterious evil who kidnaps Blaze’s (main dragon character of the gameplay) friends. Now, finding his lost friends and returning peace to the world is the main motto of Blaze, and as a gamer, you will guide him to complete the levels, conquer the enemies and get to the end of the levels to rescue his friends.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but it gets harder with every level. During the gameplay, you will earn the coins and gems as rewards, which can be used to upgrade Blaze’s skills, and will also let you choose another dragon as per your requirements.

Here are the things that we loved about the Dragon Land’s gameplay

1.Amazing graphics

The first thing that you will love about the game, is the graphics implementation. The game utilizes every bit of 3D gaming and this makes the gameplay even more addictive for the gamers. So, for the gamers who are looking for a game that has tremendous graphics and a brilliant gameplay, the Dragon Land will be a great choice.

2.Over a hundred levels to enjoy the true potential of 3D-Arcade gaming

Apart from the brilliant graphics, another thing that has made the game so popular among the gamers is the number of levels and their uniqueness. The game has over 100 levels in the Campaign mode, and all the levels have different difficulties associated with them. So, you are not going to feel bored while clearing the levels.

3.Regular updates with numerous bug fixes and the addition of new levels and dragon customizations

The developers are trying very hard to keep the expectations of the gamers. To meet the expectations of the users, the developers regular add new levels to the game, provide the bug fixes to keep up the fluidity of performance, and this has made the game a brilliant option for the gamers who are looking forward to get the best gaming experience on their Android mobile devices.

  1. Multiplayer challenges forthose gamers who love to play with the friends on social media.

Apart from single-player campaign mode, the game also has a multiplayer mode that lets you play the game with your Facebook friends as the opponents. This doubles up the fun, and make the gameplay even better than usual.

In all, if you are looking forward to play a game that not only has a great gameplay, but also a great way to kill the spare time.

What’s New In Dragon Land Apk

By downloading the Dragon land apk instead of downloading it from the playstore, you can have the power to install the game on different devices without downloading it again. The apk file will reside on your smartphone, and whenever you want to install the game on the device just extract the file, and the game will be installed on your device. So, for those users who have limited internet connectivity, or have an unstable connection, the Dragon land apk can be a savior. By downloading the latest version of the Dragon Land apk on your phone (you can download it by referring to the above link) you will have access to the following features and new additions in the game

1) Addition of new levels

2) Better controls and fluidness of the gameplay

3) New customizations for Blaze

4) Numerous bug fixes

5) Better developer support

6) Enhanced graphics utilization

So, if you are planning to download the Dragon Land apk, then instead of downloading any version we would suggest you to follow the above link to get the latest and the best version of the game available on the internet.

Dragon Land Mod Apk V3.2.4 Download

Download Link

How To Install Dragon Land Apk On Android

Now, once you have known the benefits of getting Dragon land through the apk file, the first question that comes to many Android users is how to install the app through the apk. So, here are the steps that you need to follow to install the game through the above link to Dragon land apk

Step 1:Open the above link on your Android device

Step 2:You will be prompted that whether you really want to install an app through the unknown source. Click to confirm.

Step 3: Wait till the game is installed on your phone.

Step 4: That’s it. You can enjoy playing Dragon Land on your Android device.

Dragon Land Apk: File Information

  • File Size: 57.8 MB
  • Version: 3.2.4
  • Developer:Social Point

Dragon Land Game ScreenShots


To conclude, the Dragon Land is a fantastic game that is addictive enough to be played for hours. Just collect as many coins as possible during the gameplay and you can use these rewards to get unlock numerous secret levels and characters throughout the gameplay. Just make sure that you use the coins wisely to get the maximum possible benefits.

So, instead of looking for more suggestions for action arcade gaming, we would recommend you to once try your hands on the amazing gameplay of Dragon Land. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed by any means by spending your time on the game. The apk file from the above link will help you enjoy the game to the fullest and it is the best option if you are soon planning to your handset and do not want to use the data again to download the app.

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