Fossil Launches 40 New Smartwatch Hybrids Across Armani, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Diesel Brands

All Fossil brands now have hybrid smartwatches. Chaps, Diesel, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors, Kate Spade (who launched new line of trackers and smartwatches a couple of days back) – all have added hybrid smartwatches to their connected devices lineup. The smartwatches look like traditional analog watches and don’t have typical smartwatch display. To see data you’ll have to view the app on your smartphone, connected to the watch.

Fossil smartwatch

All Fossil brands now have hybrid smartwatches.

Moreover, in future, all watches from the above brand will have some sort of smart function. Jill Elliot, chief creative officer at Fossil Group, said: “We know technology is a major disruptor in many industries right now — even fashion. But to successfully merge the two, we need to have the fashion design expertise and focus on it first.”

The smartwatches of Fossil Group performs simple functions like when someone calls or messages, the watch would vibrate. Additionally, the hand of the watch moves to a certain number when a certain someone calls. The device can be set in that way.

Hybrid smartwatch from each brand will be unique. “We assess all tech partnerships through three lenses: Does it deliver on our customer-centric brand promise? Is it convenient for our customer? And does it complement our customer’s interesting life?” Mary Beech, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Kate Spade, told CNNMoney. “We don’t introduce technology for technology’s sake.”

Recently, Eric Anderson, executive vice president of licensed portfolio at Fossil Group informed: “Sales of wearables have been very strong since we launched [connected accessories] in late 2015.” It’s a position sign for traditional timepiece companies. Due to massive shifts in technology over the last few year, traditional timepiece makers have been worried about their future. Anderson informs: “Over half of the purchasers of Fossil Q were new customers, confirming consumers were looking for a smarter watch designed with their personal style in mind.” But the tech wearables market is projected to hit $34 billion by 2020 which means iconic watch companies like Timex and TAG Heuer can make it big if they adapt fast.


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