Fitbit Unveils Charge 2 and Flex 2 Fitness Wearables

Yesterday Fitbit announced two most iconic fitness trackers, called the Charge 2 and Flex 2 fitness wearable. It’s been nearly two years since the original models were launched.

Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2

Following the announcement, Fitbit CEO James Park made a statement: “Over the past nine years it has been our ability to innovate on both design and utility, and our deep understanding of what consumers want that has made us the leading global wearables company. We’ve revolutionised Flex 2 by making it swim-proof and adding more features in design than is 30 percent smaller than the original. We break new ground again with Charge 2, giving users a snapshot of their cardio fitness based on estimated VO2 Max.”

Fitbit Charge 2:

The display is four times bigger than the original. The battery will last up to 5 days, and the bands are interchangeable. When the tracker is connected with the smartwatch, notifications are going to display on the screen. The predecessor was plagued with a couple of issues. The company has taken care of those in this instalment.

Fitbit Charge 2

The new Fitbit Charge 2 comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and a new feature called ‘connected GPS’. When connected to your tracker, the charger will be able to track your location record a map of your route and give you real-time stats on pace and distance, among other things. The wearable tracks multiple sports such as weightlifting, running, biking, and moreover, it has the ability to automatically recognise the activities the wearer is performing. It automatically tracks your sleep and reminds you to move around.

Launch Date: Mid-September 2016

Price: $149.95, £129.95, or €159.95

Pre-Order: Directly from Fitbit official site

Fitbit Flex 2:

The Flex 2 is pretty small and can fit in the band, bangle, and pendant accessories. Its has five LED lights and no screen of its own. It is waterproof so you can go swimming wearing the tracker and it’ll track your swims, along with steps, calories burned, distance, active minutes, hourly activity, and stationary time too. Like Charge 2 it tracks your sleep and gives you a silent reminder to move around.

Fitbit Flex 2

Launch Date: October 2016

Price: $99.95, £79.95, or €99.95

Pre-Order: Directly from Fitbit official site

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