Fitbit Launching India Operations from July 3, Jolts the Slumbering Indian Wearable Scene into Action with 4 Variants

Fitbit India operations are encountering unexpected delay, which pushes the launch of Fitbit wearable bands on July 3 and not July 1 as reported earlier. Wearables are quite new for India’s price-sensitive market. While Xiaomi Mi Band at Rs. 999 has been quite a hit with the users, Micromax YuFit band is also seen as a tough competition, especially with the early adopters. But as Fitbit is aiming to go global with the IPO and was also named the most popular wearable by IDC, Indian market could be the much-needed boost for its monopolistic ambition.


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Reportedly, the wearable fitness band maker will launch 4 variants, starting from Rs. 4000. These variants are Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Flex. Fitbit Charge HR comes with unique feature of measuring heart rate without those bulky chest straps.  The Fitbit Surge has GPS among many other fitness-oriented features and is costliest in this series.

It is to be noted that unlike smartwatches, the fitness bands don’t show much desire of doing this and that. They do what they do best, tracking your fitness and trying to optimize your workout session.  Plus, most of these are also compatible with smartphones regardless of the O.S.

Fitbit’s Steve Morley, Vice President and General Manager – Asia Pacific for Fitbit has stated that company is planning for a full-fledged launch and Indian entity.  Also, Amazon will be the exclusive partner for Fitbit devices.

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