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Monster Legend is getting immensely popular among those gamers who love RPGs but aren’t too keen to try their hands on the games based on the fighters and superheroes. Apart from the different types of characters selection, the Monster Legends is getting popular because of the major reasons. One of them is the brilliant graphics, and the other one is the tight and exciting gameplay. The game is a perfect blend of great gameplay and an awesome storyline. So, if you were looking for a game that has enough potential to keep you busy for hours, then once try the Monster Legends, and you won’t be disappointed.

Monster Legends: Gameplay and Features

Like the other RPGs, the gameplay of the Monster Legends is also very straightforward where you need to build a team of your favorite monsters by feeding them and training to fight in the arena with the other monsters. The way you fed and trained your monsters will decide their performance in the arena. Make them strong by feeding them and complete the quests during the arena battle. The game has over 400 characters to choose from, so you can easily find your perfect team of monsters.

Here are the five most entertaining features of the Monster Legends that make it one of the best RPGs of its kind. Go through them, and know whether you should try this game, or not.

  1. The most entertaining gameplay amongst the several RPGs of its kind

The first thing that you are going to notice about the Monster Legends, apart from the graphics, is the gameplay. The things in the Monster Legends are so well laid out that you won’t feel any kind of boring and repetitive gameplay throughout your game. First, you will have to feed your chosen monster and train him to perform well in the arena. Additionally, you will be provided several quests during the gameplay that will help you earn rewards that can be used to unlock new and more powerful characters. So, start playing the game and earn rewards to unlock the powerful monsters for yourself.

  1. Brilliant console-type graphics that can keep you engaged for hours

Another point that makes the monster Legends a brilliant game for the gamers is the graphics. Although the game is designed for the mobile platform, the graphics are top-notch and you won’t find any glitch in the detailing of the characters and the arena background. So, if you were looking for a game that has brilliant graphics and awesome gameplay, then the Monster legends will be the best game to choose.

  1. Multiplayer option for those gamers who love to play the game with their friends

Apart from playing the game alone, you can also try the multiplayer mode of Monster Legends where you can invite your friends and acquaintances to play along. You can earn rewards by inviting them to the game, and also play as a team. So, if you love playing the network game, you will love playing Monster Legend in multiplayer mode.

  1. Exciting quests during the gameplay keep the gamers feel attached to the game

Along with the arena mode where you can fight with opponents to gain rewards, another way to earn them is to complete the exciting quests that you will find during the gameplay and training the monster to perform better during the battles.

  1. Over 400 characters provide the game unique and brilliant look

The game has over 400 characters that you can choose, and with every update, the new set of characters and battle backgrounds are being added by the developers. So, if you were after a game that has numerous characters and brilliant gaming backgrounds, then you should look no further than the Monster Legends.

What’s new in Monster Legends apk

As promised by the developers, the recent update has new characters to choose from, and a few new arena backgrounds to give the gameplay more realistic feel. Apart from these, the latest update has fixed the bug issues, improved AI for the gamers find the game much more entertaining than ever before.

Overall, the latest update of the Monster Legends is a perfect version for those gamers who were looking to have the most complete and brilliant version of the game. So, download the latest Monster Legends apk form the said link, and enjoy killing your time for hours.

Monster Legends: File Information

  • File Size: 100 Mb
  • Version: 7.2.3
  • Developer: Social Point

Download Monster Legends Apk Mod Latest version v7.7.1

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How to install Monster Legend apk on your Android device

If you have recently switched to the Android platform or for any other reason, aren’t aware of the process of installing an app through the apk file, then read further for the simplest way to install the apps on the Android devices without any need to download it from the official playstore. This will be very beneficial for you if you have more than one Android smartphone and do not want to download the same app twice for the devices.

Step 1: Follow the mentioned link, and open it on your mobile’s browser. This will download the Monster Legends apk file on your default downloads folder

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the file as usual. You may be prompted that installing the app from unknown sources may harm your mobile. And it will ask for the permissions. Allow it to make changes to the system to make the app installed on your device

Step 3: That’s all. The app will be installed in a few moments and you can then enjoy a great RPG on your mobile.


In all, the Monster legends is a brilliant game for those gamers who are willing to have a game on their Android devices that has enough potential to kill their free spare time without letting them feel bored for a minute. With lots of quests and potential to train and level-up your monster, you are going to love this game more than any other RPG. In addition to this, the flawless multiplayer mode of the game allows you to connect with your friends on social media, and earn exclusive rewards through them. So, instead of waiting for more, follow the link and download the latest Monster Legends apk v 7.7.1 to your Android device.

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