Download Cooking Dash mod Apk V 2.10.5 : (Unlimited Money)

For all those gamers who wanted to be a chef, the Cooking Dash is a brilliant way to fulfill their dream without actually jumping to a new profession. With a great gameplay and extremely easy controls, this is one of the best games in its category. The game may seem simple at the first sight, but believe us it gets highly addictive and tough as the levels progress.

The game has over 100 levels and you can spend hours on it. So, if you were looking to try something challenging and completely new way to kill your free time, then the Cooking Dash will be a perfect way to get hooked on your Android device.

Cooking Dash: Features and Gameplay

The gamer acts as Flo, who makes her way as a restaurant chef. The new challenges she faces to progress as a complete chef and how she manages to make tough dishes in a limited timeframe is the main gameplay of Cooking Dash. Help Flo to progress as a great chef and to deal with the chaos of a celebrity kitchenwhiledealing with the customers effectively.

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The developers have done very well to recreate the chaos that normally is created in the restaurant kitchens and have created a great game,which is probably one of its kind. You can polish your cooking skills here along withlearning the perfect time management in an exciting new way. Here are the features that make Cooking Dash a great game to try for almost anyone.

  1. Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay of Cooking Dash is simple, yet engaging. You only need to care of the customers. Serve them with good food and impeccable service. If you do well, you will get the tips for great service. Clear the levels to get harder customers to deal with and less time to serve them. In all, that’s a great way to kill the boring spare time.

  1. Unique restaurant themes to give the game a great feel

The different levels of Cooking Dash have differently themed restaurants that will pretend that you are advancing as a chef. With every new level or two, you will get a new surrounding that will provide you a realistic feeling to work asa chef.

  1. Live studio audience experience for a realistic appeal

As you complete the challenges one by one and clear the levels, you can hear the crowd cheering for you and applauding to cheer you up for the performance. So, this is another small thing that the developers have clearly added to the game to give the gamers a great experience.

  1. Over 100 episodes to keep you hooked for hours

The game has been divided into over 100 levels and these numbers are constantly being increased by the developers. Along with this, the developers are working really hard to meet the expectations of the customers by introducinga lot of performance improvements with every update, and they are working on other things too that may enhance the gameplay.

  1. Earn great rewards by serving the customers.

By serving the customers and clearing the levels, you will berewarded by the cash rewards that can be used for adding new equipment in your kitchen, enhancing the skills and in many other ways. So, if you think that your kitchen needs an extra burner that will help you serve more customers at a time, then go to the store and look for a burner in your budget. In real life, this will help you build a good understanding of the things that matter the most in your life, and where you should spend your real money, that too in an affordable way.

So, whether you like the cooking or not, we would suggest you to once try your hands on the CookingDash. We are surethat you will love this gaming experience.

What is new in Cooking Dash apk?

The main benefit of downloading the apk file instead of downloading it from the playstore is that you can easily install it on different devices without downloading it again. The new apk file listed here has the unlocked version of the game where you will access to all the features, levels, and customizations that will help you enjoy the game at the fullest.

So, this is a great way to get the most out of the game and that too without spending a single penny.

Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2.9.8 Download

Download link

How to download and install the Cooking Dash Apk?

In order to install the Cooking dash game through the apk file, you will need to follow certain steps that will lead you to have a fully unlocked game on your Android device. Let’s have look at the steps to be followed to install the game through the apk

Step 1:Download the apk file from the link provided to your smartphone.

Step 2: Allow your smartphone’s settings to install the apps from unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the downloaded apk file and then click on Install when prompted.

Step 4: Sit back and relax until the app is installed on your phone.

Step 5: That’s it. You can now enjoy the game without actually installing it from the Google’s Playstore.

  • Cooking Dash Apk: File Information
  • File Size:91 MB
  • Version: 2.9.8

Cooking Dash Mod info: 
1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Coin
3. Unlimited Tickets
4. All levels Unlocked

Final Verdict

Cooking Dash is a perfect game to learn the time management and cooking skills. How you serve the customers with efficiency and how to use the rewards to equip your kitchen for better customer handling. So, if you are looking forward to improve any of these skills, you can easily rely on the Cooking Dash.

Additionally, if you have limited access to the internet or want to have the game multiple android devices, then we would suggest you togo for the Cooking Dash apk instead of installing it directly from the playstore. This will help you save some extra data that would have been wasted to download the game repeatedly on different devices.

In all, you should try your hands on the Cooking Dash once if you are looking to try something new and entertaining.

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