Download Big Hunter Mod Apk V 2.8.6 (Unlimited eveything)

Physics-based games are getting popular with very passing day. Regardless of the platform you are in, you will have some brilliant games with awesome gameplay and storyline. However, talking specifically about the Android platform, there are a few games that are ahead of the others when in comes to the performance, graphics and the storyline then the first game that comes to a gamer’s mind is the Big Hunter.

Big Hunter is a simple yet very entertaining game that will help you spend hours alone without getting bored. So, if you are looking for something new and want to try a new game with amazing gameplay, then the Big Hunter will be great choice for you.

Big Hunter: Gameplay and Features

Talking about the gameplay of the Big Hunter, the player has to act as a tribal hunter of the Bushman tribe and you should hunt huge animals using the simple tribal weapons a tribe head, it is your duty to arrange the food and shelter for your tribe. With every hunt, you will earn some coins and rewards that can be used to enhance your weapons and capabilities. The top five things that make the Big Hunter a great game for the mobile gamers include

  1. Brilliant Gameplay

One of the best things about the Big Hunter is the gameplay. The gameplay is quite engaging and you will never feel bored or encounter the repetitive gameplay or episode. The levels are cleverly planned and designed to keep the gamer engaged on every single frame of the game.

  1. Awesome storyline

The actual storyline of the game isvery emotional and entertaining as you are playing as a head ofa tribe whose people are starving to death. The gamer feels too attached with the storyline, and this eventually makes the game more playable and enjoyable.

  1. Engaging Graphics

The graphics of the game are great for a game of this category. Although you can’t compare it with the high-end graphics-based games which need high-end devices to run smoothly, instead Big hunter has good graphics for a mid-range game that can be played on almost every Android device.

So, no matter what device you are using, you can still enjoy the brilliant gameplay of the Big Hunter on your device without any performance issues.

  1. Timely updates

Another great thing that makes the Big Hunter a great game is the timely updates of the game. The developers usually add new levels, weapons depending on the users’ demand to make the gameplay more engaging. SO, for those gamers who are looking to play a game with great updates and fluid performance, the Big Hunter will be a great choice.

  1. Smooth performance

Thanks to the timely updates, and mid-level graphics, the game is super fluid when it comes to the performance. The game has low hardware requirements and thus the game is playable even if your device is heavily stuffed with data.

What is new in Big Hunter apk?

Although you can install the Big Hunter game directly from the Google’s official playstore, but if you do so, you will have to make the in-app purchases to get the full version of the game with all the weapons, levels and other hidden features.

To avoid in app purchases and get the rewards for free, you can opt for the reliable mod apk download which can be used on different devices once downloaded. By downloading the apk from the given link you can not only have the latest tweaked version of the game, but also will have the unlimited coins and rewards which are actually really hard to achieve if you are playing the game normally.

To be precise, by downloading Big Hunter apk, you can avail the following benefits that are literally impossible if you download it from the playstore.

  1. Unlimited Coins

By installing the game through the above link’s apk, you can have access to the unlimited coins that can be used to buy new customizations and weapons.

  1. Access to over 100 levels right through

Another benefit that you can avail by downloading the apk file to install the game is to get access to all the 100+ levels that are only available to the users if they clear the levels one-by-one, or make the online purchase at once.

  1. Ad-free gaming experience

The apk file will also help you enjoy the game without watching a single advertisement which can easily ruin your gaming experience if you were using the Google playstore’s version of the game.

  1. Bug-free experience for better gaming

The game is updated in the apk file. So, you won’t experience any performances issues while playing the game on your device.

Big Hunter Images

In all, downloading the Big Hunter apk file is the best way to play the game with full potential. So, if you like the game, then we would recommend you to download the apk file from the above link to get the fully unlocked version of Big Hunter.

Big Hunter Mod Apk Download Link 

Download link

How to install Big Hunter mod apk

Here is the step-to-step guide that will help you get the app installed on your device without actually spending a penny. you haven’t installed any app through the apk file, then follow this procedure to get the desired app installed on your mobile.

Step 1: Open the link to download the apk file on your mob.

Step 2: Open the apk file and click on Install when prompted by the app installer.

Step 3: Sit back and relax till the Big Hunter app gets installed on your mobile.

Step 4: That’s it. You can now enjoy the full version of the game with unlimited coins and rewards that you can use to purchase new weapons and amenities.

Big Hunter: Apk file information

  • File Size: 84 MB
  • Developer:Kakarod Interactive
  • Version: 2.8.5


To conclude, the big hunter is a game with a brilliant storyline, engaging gameplay, and most importantly some brilliant controls. So, if you were looking for a game that is flawless in almost every aspect, then you should once try your hands on the big hunter apk and fulfil your wish to take down the giant pre-historic animals.

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