Download Basketball stars mod Apk V 1.20.0 for Android

Basketball Stars is a great game for the basketball lovers and those who love playing games with addictive gameplay. Apart from the brilliant gameplay, Basketball stars has several features that make it one of the most popular basketball games available for the Android platform. Also, the different game modes make the Basketball Stars a great game for those gamers who do not want to stick to one mode only. In all, the Basketball Stars is a perfect game for those who are looking forward to a have a great sports game with the original spirit of the game. So, if you are a basketball fan, and want to have the best game for your Android device, then the Basketball Stars would be a perfect choice for you.

Basketball Stars V1.20.0: Gameplay and Features

The first and the best thing about the Basketball Stars that you are going to notice when you play the game for the first time is the graphics intensity and the tight gameplay that has the ability to keep you entertained for hours. As a simple basketball game, you can play the game as a one-to-one player battle or additionally, choose from the six different modes that help you show your basketball playing skills. You can also choose to play as a multiplayer on the network to compete with other gamers from across the world. So try your hands on one of the most talked about and popular basketball games on the Android platform and you won’t be disappointed by its performance and addictive gameplay.

Here are the features that make the Basketball Stars a great game to have on your mobile phone regardless of your interest in the basketball game.

  1. Brilliant gameplay and awesome graphics

As said, the game has a brilliant and addictive gameplay. No matter whether you love playing the basketball game, you will enjoy playing the game on your mobile device.  Apart from the addictive gameplay another thing that will make you curious about the game, is the brilliant graphics that are way too intense for a game like this. The intense graphics makes the game a delight for the gamers, and if you are looking for the best looking game that is easy to play and has a great gameplay, the Basketball Stars would be a brilliant choice for you.

  1. Easy to get used to controls

Apart from the graphics and gameplay another thing that plays an important role to make a game ahead from the other games of its category is the control and usability. Talking specifically about the Basketball Stars, the game has really easy to use controls and they can further be customized in terms of the sensitivity. So, if you were looking for the game that can easily be mastered to the best performance. So, for all those basketball lovers who want to have a perfect game with awesome controls, then you should look for the Basketball Stars on your Android devices to experience the true joy of mobile basketball.

  1. Numerous game modes to make it a perfect game for different types of gamers

Unlike the other basketball or other sports games that have only one gaming mode, the Basketball Stars can be played under six super-exciting modes that are all fun to try and can be played according to the mood of the gamer. These modes provide the gamers a way to play one game in six different ways. Play them all, earn rewards, and personalize your team according to your preferences.

  1. One-on-One multiplayer battle

During the gameplay, you can easily switch to the multiplayer gaming mode where you can invite your friends from social media, and play them in a one-on-one battle. Explore the other modes and play the multiplayer gaming in the real-time.

  1. 400+ unique items to make the game more personalized

Another great thing about the Basketball Stars is the numerous ways you can personalize your team. With over 400 items for customization and numerous personalized basketball jerseys, the game is a perfect mobile game for gaming enthusiasts. You can customize your team and players to make your gaming experience more personal and enhance the gameplay according to the preferences.

So, earn rewards and buy the items to customize your players to give the game more personal feel.

What’s new in Basketball Stars V 1.20.0 apk

Along with the numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, the latest version of Basketball apk has some practical changes like new customization items, new characters, and jerseys for the player. In all, the game is now more addictive and easier to play and master. So, instead of looking just any apk version, grab the latest Basketball Stars apk by following this link

Basketball Stars apk V1.20.0: File Information

  • File Size: 45 Mb
  • Version: 1.20.0
  • Developer: Miniclip

Basketball stars mod Apk Download 

Download here

How to install Basketball Stars apk

If you are new to the Android ecosystem or aren’t aware of the procedure of installing the app through the apk file, then here are the steps that you will need to follow in order to install the game through the  Basketball Stars apk on your favorite Android device.

Step 1: Open the link listed above. This will let you download the basketball Stars V 1.20.0 apk file on your device

Step 2: Open the downloaded file. You may be asked for the confirmation to allow the external files to make changes to the system

Step 3: Allow the file to make changes and the game will be downloaded to your device as usual


To conclude, the Basketball Stars is a brilliant game for all those gamers who are looking to try something new, better than the usual basketball games available on the app store. The different game modes and brilliant gameplay make the game more addictive and fun to play. Also, the Basketball Stars gets timely updates, and you can be sure of getting brilliant updated every now and then to grab the latest performance updates for the game. So, try your hands on the latest Basketball Stars apk v 1.20.0  to install this amazing basketball game on your Android device

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