Doppel Can Change the Way You Feel


We have wearables to measure and monitor the pulse rate. But nothing to tell us to calm down when the pulse rate is shooting up during a really important business meet or just buck up when it is at all times low.

Enter Doppel, a performance-enhancing wearable that will change it. It will help you to calm down, stay alert or simply, just be yourself. This pulse-managing wearable utilizes the human body’s response to rhythm. In simpler words, how some songs have calming effect on us or how a certain musical piece could really get us going. Using this as an inspiration, the wearable brings in tangible results and help you to set the pace.

Or as an end result, it lets you control you and your mood, nervousness or excitement in a better way. Not sure if it is a great idea but people who feel extremely anxious or low can do a lot with its help.

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Unlike other wrist-based bands, it won’t send you alerts or notifications but will harness the natural response to the pulse and optimize it to get the most of a situation, be it sleep, work, dance or exercise. This pace setting can help with reaction times and pushes you to make the most of it, when compared to the normal or controlled setting. Most importantly, no noise. You won’t feel a thing, it promises!

Doppel works on emphatic technology, something that has to be close to human body and yet you won’t feel its intrusion. It doesn’t have any screen or button.

Based on how people react to certain situations, how they calm down or push themselves, the London-based design team conceptualized this device. The motions were adapted and embedded into to make this wearable intuitive.

How Doppel works:

The hardware here does the trick:

Squeeze Doppel to make pulse kick faster.

Stroke the ridge to slow the pulse a bit.

Twist the dial to understand the intensity.

Though, you need to calibrate it first with your resting heartbeat. The connecting app on your smartphone will help you to do this. You can also connect Doppel to computer via USB or Bluetooth. Fine tune it if you want. It is one-time activity and once the resting beat is detected, all you have to do is to optimize.


Doppel Battery:

The battery of device is expected to last for 5 hours (under intense usage) to 10 hour.

Availability and Doppel Price:

Doppel is available in three options, Doppel Original, Doppel Black / White and Doppel Classic. It is stated that the strap and brass material used in Original and Classic will fade with the time and need to be resealed time to time.

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Also, you have an option to choose from taper or straight look straps. The straps are interchangeable though you may need a jeweler or watchmaker’s help.

The Doppel is on Kickstarter to raise funds and is expected to ship by April 2016.

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