DogTelligent Connected Collar: A Dog’s Best Friend

Dog lovers rejoice! Here is something to keep your dog safe, loved and healthy. DogTelligent brings you the Connected Collar that features virtual fence & leash technology, dynamic assisted training, share-ability, built-in anti-barking, health & location tracking and 2-way communication.


If your doggie happens to be the one of the stubborn lot, the Connected Collar will make the training easier. The built-in commands include sit down, stay and come as well as with a professional ultrasonic whistle and vibration signal. This whistle detects the unusual barking pattern of your dog and gently pokes the pet, saving you from yelling and embarrassment when your four-legged pet goes on its barking spree. Like a pedometer, this connected pet tracker will keep track of your pet’s activity and sync the data with device in every 30 minutes.

Playing with your dog is easy and everybody loves it but actually how many of us are aware that the dog is healthy and doing well? The campaign page of Connected Collar reads that about 52% of the dogs are overweight and only 7% of the owners are aware of their pets’ ill health. Thanks to the smart dog wearable, owners now have an integrated health monitor at their hands that optimizes the activity level in accordance with the age and breed of your dog.

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DogTelligent Connected Collar

Owners can also store the vet records on the cloud and set reminders for pet maintenance such as vaccinations and grooming. With a single swipe, you can share the activity stats with your vet to keep potential health ailments at bay and for timely detection. The connected DogTelligent app can be used by many users such as owner, caretaker and vet for a streamlined monitoring process.

DogTelligent Connected Collar-tech-specs

The wearable pet tracker’s leash and fence Technology sets a pre-defined safety zone for your pet. If your dog leaves the safety boundary, the home network will be notified and you will get an alert. Similarly, if you want your dog to have fun in park, the technology will allow it to roam free but with the help of whistle tones and vibrations, the collar will keep a track on it. The vibrations are similar to the yank of the leash but way too gentle and humane while prompting the dog to show the best behaviour.


The smart DogTelligent Connected Collar utilizes WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular network to keep track of dog’s whereabouts. The GPS service and cellular connectivity come with a monthly subscription charge. The LED lights on collar help you fetch the dog in dark.

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Made of anodized aluminium and Tin-coated stainless steel, the collar is flexible and water-resistant. It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. The built-in battery is expected to last about 7-14 days.

Availability and Price of DogTelligent Connected Collar:

The estimated shipping date of wearable pet tracker is stated as somewhere between November and December. The retail price is expected to be under $200. The pre-orders are on and you can go to the official website or head to the campaign page at Indiegogo to book one for your pet.

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