Does Epilating Cause Ingrown Hairs?

Hair removal is an important part of every person’s hygiene routine. However, this can cause a series of problems and issues in your life and skin. One such problem is the problem of ingrown hair or the hair that is grown back into your skin. This needs to be avoided. Ingrown hairs can be caused due to a number of factors. One such factor is the use of an epilator when it comes to the removal of hair.

An epilator is a hair removing device which is made in such a manner that coils as well as tweezers are used in order to help you remove hair from their roots.

What Causes Ingrown Hair?

Before reaching to a conclusion as to whether or not epilators can cause ingrown hairs, we should understand the reasons behind the growth of such ingrown hair.

Devices such as epilators help to remove hair from their very roots. When the hair is trying to grow back, the same becomes trapped and the skin under the follicle of the hair becomes painful. This growth of hair under the hair follicle is what we know as ingrown hair.

Epilators may cause ingrown hair. However, there are ways of preventing the same which are discussed below:

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs from Epilators?

As seen in the sections above, the problem of ingrown hairs can definitely be caused as a result of epilators. However, there are ways of preventing the same:

  • You should always be conscious of the fact that the condition of the epilator is good and that it is clean and tidy. You should ensure that nothing is tweaked because even a light tweak can cause the problem of in grown hair.
  • With practice, you get more perfect in using the epilator and slowly the problem of ingrown hair is no longer there
  • You should be careful of the fact that when you are suing an epilator for removing the excess hair, don’t let your skin stay loose. You should be able to hold the skin firmly in order to reduce the probability of getting in grown hairs
  • Exfoliation and getting rid of all the dead skin cells play a very vital role in helping to get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs from epilators. Exfoliation can be done in both physical as well as chemical ways.
  • Thus, as is clear from the above paragraph, ingrown hair can be avoided if you use good quality epilators and take care of your skin to the maximum possible extent. If you fail to do so, use of epilators can definitely cause the problem

Thus, I hope that the article has been able to make the readers understand that although it is possible to get the problem of ingrown hair due to the use of epilators, the same can easily be prevented.

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