Different Types of Baby Monitors: Which one is best?

Safety of the baby is one of the major concerns of the parents. Whether your baby is sleeping or playing with a nanny at home when you are away for work, a baby monitor can help you. These monitors are affordable and are available in different models which create confusion for a buyer. Each model has various features which make it unique, so you need to select one according to your requirement only. Also Check Baby monitor Black Friday Deals

Types of Baby Monitors:

There are three types of baby monitors available in the market; each one designed to meet a particular purpose. So select any one according to your requirement and monitor specific features. You can visit online websites to get details of the latest baby monitors available in the market.

Sound Monitors: These are the oldest type of monitors which are the cheapest and basic ones too. Such monitors are safest and practical to use. The monitor will record the baby sound and transmit it quickly to a receiver. They use radio frequency to transmit baby sound from one room to another. It works up to 150 feet in the house.

Digital Monitors: They work on the principle of encryption which makes it easier to transmit the sound of the baby to parents’ receiver. These are slightly expensive in comparison to analogue monitors.

Video Monitors: These are the popular ones but complicated to use too. It has a lot of features like a camera and a transmitter which helps the parents to monitor their baby. Parents can see their baby sleeping, playing etc. and can hear the voice too. The quality of the video depends on the price of the monitor. Coloured ones are expensive where black and white ones are still at a lower price are. Some model offers an HD display feature to give excellent quality video display. With some models, you can upload the videos to the internet which makes it convenient for parents to monitor baby activities via their mobiles and laptops easily.

Motion Monitors: These are specially designed baby monitors which are mostly used for babies with health issues like a premature baby. Such monitors do not have a camera; instead, they have a sensor attached to the crib. It helps in checking baby movements and suppose if the baby doesn’t move in a few seconds, then the monitor will alarm you.Some advanced monitors transmit sound also. You can pair such monitors with other devices to get the best results of monitoring.

Now, these are the different type of baby monitors available in the market with various features and prices. Each one has different functions based on which costs are determined. So first you have to understand your requirement and after that decide your budget. If you have a tight budget, then buy sound monitors which are inexpensive ones. If you can afford then select video monitors which will help you in monitors with video and audio both. So buy the best one for your baby and be relaxed comfortably.

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