Connect with Tile and never forget

If every morning and evening you spend half of the time looking for your wallet or keys, you are not alone and joining the club with almost every house across the world. Do you also think if you could buzz your keys or your laptop, when you need it the most and cannot find it? Thankfully, the rescuer is here. Friends, Tile has all the answers for you.

Connect with Tile and never forget

You can attach the Tile to the object such as keys and tether the object to the phone. As soon as you start searching for the item it tracks the Bluetooth signal. As the Bluetooth signal starts getting stronger, you know in which direction you should start tracking the object. The device also plays a melody until you have the object in hands. Similarly, it showcases the progress with the tracking gray circle which starts filling in as you walk in the right direction. The range of Bluetooth is 150ft.

This small cube like object tags along with the object and helps you locate it via your smartphone. This is Bluetooth-connected device and is compatible with Android (Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, HTC One M8, LG Nexus 4 and 5, Android 4+) and iOS (iPad 3rd and 4th gen, Air, Mini, iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and above).

Touted as the world’s largest lost and found, the Tile app can support up to 8 Tiles. So, if you are a forgetful type, you can attach it to the essentials and free yourself from the worry of losing them.

The best part is that Tile does not have any upkeep or maintenance. There are no batteries and thus, no charging hassles. In fact, the company offers to recycle, replace and upgrade them every year. Though, as per the official website it isn’t GPS-enabled but it records the last-seen of the object on the phone. So you have a good place to start with the searching.

It is water-resistant so, some sprinkles or spilling is A-Okay but diving into a pool with it is a no. It features minimal design and somewhat small size allows you to attach or hook it to almost everything. It is designed keeping the everyday situation. You may just flap your keys into the drawers with staplers, pins and nails in it or keep your files in a cabinet which is rarely visited; Tile is engineered to withstand every condition and problem.

The Tile also has ‘Community Find’ feature. If the object you are looking for happens to be beyond 150ft, another user with Tile can also detect it if it comes across his way. The former will receive an anonymous update of the location. The Tile, both the device and app has great community support. If a user reports his Tile stolen, he can be notified by the community members if they get to find it first.

Availability and Price of Tile

At $20, having a Tile to your rescue is amazing. After the purchase, you need to download the app and sign up for the account at Tile’s official website.

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For some, having being left to find the object and just pointing towards some freaking direction is equivalent to a scavenger hunt. Some users have also complained of the melody not being loud enough to be heard in outdoors. The technology is good but I will really appreciate if the hunting work is reduced to just a phone call.


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