A Complete Guide to Create Custom Watch Faces for Moto 360 Using Facer

The good thing about Android is it allows anyone to become a developer. Android Wear, a version of Android for Smartwatch is no exception. We’ve already discussed some of the exciting Watch faces for Moto 360. If you are fond of trendy Smartwatch and want to install amazing Watch faces, Moto 360 is must for you.


But that’s not even half of the news. The real news is you can create custom watch faces. The official watch face API hasn’t released not yet. But you can still create custom watch faces thanks to an application called Facer. You can download the application by clicking here. The app is paid even though it costs only $0.99. Don’t back down, buy the app and begin developing your custom watch face.

You can download Facer by going to the link above. But for building a custom watch face, you need help. And guess what! That’s why we are here. In this article, we’ll give you a complete idea of how to build watch faces using Facer.

How Facer Work

But before going to the tutorial, which is a dreaded proposition to many, you need to understand how Facer works. Facer builds a watch face by layers. The background, the text for displaying time are all layers. If your watch face is simplistic, you could build it with one or two layers. If it’s a complex watch face, you may need to more than 15 layers. You should begin with the easy-to-build watch faces, then learn building more complex ones.

There are two ways to build a custom watch face. Both begin after you download Facer. The first method is using your Windows PC or Mac. The second method is using your Android phone. We’ll first narrate the first method.

At the beginning, download the .face file. The file can be in a .zip format. In that case, you need to extract it from the .zip file. Install 7-Zip for Windows and Archiver for Mac if you don’t have them already. Once the .face file is downloaded, create a new folder on your desktop. Move all the files from the .zip file (Including .json and .png ones) into the newly created folder.

Next, connect your Phone to your computer using USB cable and locate the Facer folder. You can find it in /sdcard/Facer. Here, keep in mind the sdcard folder is not in your micro sim card. It should be in your phone’s storage. Now shut down your phone’s Facer app by going to Settings>App>Facer and hit Force Stop. Now open the Facer app. This time you’ll see new watch faces.

Now go to Moto 360 Smartwatch. Go to Settings > Change Watch Face > Facer. Now go to the Facer app on your phone again and select the new watch face. Then simply push the button on top right called Send to Wear device to transfer the watch face to Moto 360.

If you are using your Android phone instead, download a file manager app and then download .zip file of a watch face. Then copy the .zip file to /sdcard/Facer directory and extract it there. Rest of the steps are same as the steps in Windows/Mac.

So there you are. Using the simple steps stated above, you can download a great variety of watch faces on your Moto 360. The device will look stunning with new watch faces and everyone around you will praise your Smartwatch as well as your artistic sense.

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