Chinese Company Shanda Launches Geak Watch 2 Pro Smartwatch with 18 Days Long Battery Life

Smartwatches are a new trend. They are easier to handle than a Smartphone or a Tablet. Top companies like Sony, Samsung and Pebble have released trendy Smartwatches that are being sold in the market in volumes. Rumors on Apple’s upcoming iWatch is making headlines of tech news outlets.

Geak Watch 2 pro

Even though, Smartwatches are very quickly climbing up the ladder of popularity, there’s still a palpable reluctance among users to them. One obvious reason behind the reluctance is most Smartwatches have poor battery life. A color touchscreen Smartwatch needs charging almost every single day.

The black-and-grey E-ink Pebble however, gives a Smartwatch an amazing battery life. The technology is embedded in one of the top Smartwatches. The Smartwatch is called Geak Watch 2 Pro. A Chinese company name Shanda has released the device. The first thing to mention about the Smartwatch is its display. It has an innovative display that is made of color LCD and E-Ink technology.

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If the low-power E-ink standby mode is appositely used, the Smartwatch can keep working without losing battery for 18 days. A single charge is enough for keeping the battery running for more than 2 weeks. There’s another variant of Geak Watch 2 Pro that uses plastics instead of metals. The device can function for no less than 15 days on a single charge.

Geak Watch 2 pro 1

It should be mentioned here that charging intervals are not fixed but actually depend on usage. However, the E-ink technology is so impeccable that even if the watches are being struck with hammer, the battery will still last for nearly a week.

Both variants of Geak Watch 2 Pro sport a display with 1.3 inch screen and pixel density of 254ppi. Both are equipped with in-built heart rate monitor. If you are an Android enthusiast, you might feel pissed because Geak Watch 2 Pro doesn’t run on Google’s Android OS. Actually Google Now cards that are reliant on Android Wear are prohibited in China. A flagship skinned version of Android 4.3 has been developed by Shanda for the Geak Watch 2 Pro. The OS is quite remarkable and it even has its own app store.

It’s unlikely that device will hit the stores in UK and USA, at least in a while. But even then, the idea behind the Smartwatch is based on totally out-of-the-box thinking. Everyone knows Smartwatches need power boost, but no company has so far attempted to release one with long battery life. People of UK can order the watch from China. If they go for the plastic model, it will cost them £203. If they order the Pro, they’ll have to shell out £254 (excluding account tax and the cost of shipping).

Industry observers are expecting the two models of Geak Watch 2 to be successful. An analyst called Ben Wood said “One of the big challenges that smartwatch manufacturers have had is that people stop using the devices, and one of the reasons they do so is that they have to be charged on a regular basis, whereby they are being taken off constantly.”

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