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For the mobile gamers, Supercell is not a new name. The developers have given us the legendary games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royals. And now, the developers have moved a step ahead of these games with the Brawl Stars. Similar to the previous games from the developers, this game is also getting immensely popular among the gamers across the globe. The game helps you enjoy the real-time multiplayer gaming with unique 3v3 battles with the games playing the game from across the world.

Apart from being a game form a renowned developer, the Brawl Stars has some unique features and a terrific gameplay that helps it to stand out of the crowd of multiplayer battle games available for the Android platform.

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Brawl Stars: Gameplay and features

Talking about the gameplay, the game is relatively simple and similar to the other multiplayer games in which you team up with your friends to beat down the opponents to earn the rewards. The game is fairly simple and the controls make it a dream multiplayer game for the gamers who love to play the games on their Android devices. Here are some features that make it one of the best games of the multiplayer genre.

  1. Engaging storyline

Unlike the other multiplayer games in the playstore, the Brawl stars has a really unique and clear approach towards the storyline. Additionally, the different modes of the game makeit easier for the gamer to choose exactly what he is planning to play at a particular time.

So, instead of playing multiplayer games with the dull storyline or boring single, try your hands on Brawl Stars to experience the new and refreshing way to enjoy the multiplayer gaming.

  1. Brilliant graphics

Another plus point of the Brawl Stars is the graphics. The outstanding graphics of the game enhances the urge to play the game for hours. The developer of the Brawl Stars is known to develop high-quality games that are light on the processor, yet effective to look at. So, even if you have a mid-range Android device with you, you can easily enjoy thegame at its best.

  1. Flawless networking for a fluid multiplayer gaming experience

The major setback for most of the multiplayer network-based games is they usually get some network issues while on the mobile network. However, if you are playing the Brawl Stars, you literally won’t find any issues. The developers have worked too hard to get the things right with the game. So, even if you are on a low-speed network, you won’t find the issues related to the connectivity.

  1. Different modes for the different moods of the game

The Brawl Stars has four different modes that suitdifferent moods of the gamer. If you are willing to play a game that provides different modes, then you should once try your hands on the Brawl Stars. Believe us, you are going to love the experience and will be blown away by the extreme gameplay and performance of the Brawl Stars.

The different modes of the game are briefly described below so that you can know which of the mode is perfect for you.

  1. Bounty

The first mode of Brawl Stars is the “Bounty”. In this mode, you need to eliminate your opponents and earn the stars. The one who has maximum stars at the end of the game will win the mode.

  1. Smash & Grab

In this mode, you need to collect the gems before your opponent team. The team that collects 10 gems at the earliest will win.

  1. Heist

In this mode, you can choose either to crack the opponent team’s safe or want to keep your valuables safe from the opponents.

  1. Showdown

In this mode, ten players are dropped into a cage that is shrinking slowly. Survive until the end, and you will win the match.

In all, if you are really love the multiplayer games and want to get an extraordinary experience, then the Brawl Stars is a must download for you. You are going to love every single thing about the game. So, instead of searching for an ideal game all by yourself, first try the Brawl Stars, then decide whether it is the best, or not.

Brawl Stars: What’s new in apk

Downloading a tweaked game through an apk file is a great way to reveal the true potential of the game. The developers hide some features and capabilities that can only be accessed by making the in-app purchases or by having a huge number of coins. But, if you are new to the game, and want to access these rewards from the first day, then the mod apk is the best way to get them. The extra things that you get by downloading the Brawl Stars apk are listed as follows

  1. Unlimited coins and rewards
  2. Fully unlocked levels/modes
  3. All characters with their unique capabilities

How to download Brawl Stars apk

In order to get the Brawl Stars without actually downloading it from the official Google store, you need to download the apk file from the above-mentioned link, and then install it on your Android device. If you haven’t installed an app through the apk file, then you will need to know the exact procedure to do so. Here is the brief step-to-step guide that will help you to install Brawl Stars on your Android device through the apk file.

Step 1: Download the apk file from the above link directly on your Android device

Step 2: Navigate to the location where the file has been downloaded.

Step 3. Open the file, the security will prompt for the confirmation to open the file.

Step 4: Click on Install when prompted

Step 5. Sit back and relax till the game is installed through the file.

Brawl Stars apk: File Information

  • File Size: 79 MB
  • Version:11.113
  • Developer: Supercell


To conclude, the Brawl Stars is a great time killer, and with the awesome graphics and multiplayer gaming experience, this is probably the best game you can ever have on your Android device. The Gameplay is smooth, transitions of frames are flawless and that too without spend a gigabyte of data. So, if you are a gamer who is looking forward to get a whole new level of flawless gaming, the Brawl Stars is a great way to experience it. So, instead ofwaiting for more, click on the above link to get the Brawl Stars apk on your mobile.

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