Bollywood Inspired Date Night Outfits

The Bollywood film industry has always inspired us in many aspects. Fashion is one aspect that everyone gets their inspiration from the Bollywood actors and actresses. Let us see some of the date night outfits spotted by our Bollywood celebrities.

Alia Bhatt’s Floor Length Gown:

Inspired by Alia Bhatt’s date nights, you can wear a floor length gown that will help you a great deal in making you look stylish yet elegant in your date night. You can keep your make up minimum to look really classy. The suggested hair style for this look is a neat bun in hair tied upwards.This type of dress can be work for a date night easily and you cannot go wrong with floor length dresses.

Jeans and a Camisole:

Well, this is the most comfortable style for many of us and Shraddha Kapoor teaches us that the same can be worn perfectly on a date night as well. After all, there is nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone and you can certainly look stylish in something simple yet comfortable.

Figure Hugging Dress Inspired by Kangana Ranaut:

If you are someone who can boast of having a great figure, then you certainly should take inspiration from the figure hugging red dress inspired by Kangana Ranaut. She is one celebrity who is not only known for voicing her opinions, but she can give you real fashion tips owing to her great sense of style. A figure hugging dress can be particularly recommended at the time when you are going for a cozy dinner night out with your date. You can choose some bright colors such as red, which also happens to be the color of love.

Backless High Midi Dress:

Well, if you want to look both sexy and sultry, this is the type of dress for you. This is inspired by Kriti Sanon and you can never go wrong with such a type of dress. You can give your outfit a mix of both sultriness as well as elegance. You can keep the color red if you do not want to take too much of a risk.

Wine Colored Wrap Dress Inspired by Malaika Arora:

If you want to try something different and surprise your date pleasantly, then you must go for a wraparound dress. This is a type that will help you a big deal in looking your best self while making you comfortable too. Malaika Arora sure looked ravishing in her wine colored wrap around dress. For styling, you can also take cues from the actor herself where she tied her hair in a neat ponytail and spotted a minimal to no make-up look.

There is nothing Wrong with Wearing Ethnic Wear:

Being an Indian, ethnic wear should be a part of most of the woman’s wardrobe if not everyone’s. most of the woman think that it is not right to wear something that is Indian and ethnic on date nights. However, the same is not at all true. You can easily wear ethnic as most of the newbies of Bollywood town have shown us.

I hope that the above article will help you in getting a few cues as to what you should be wearing on your date nights.

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