Most useful Pebble apps for Pebble smartwatch

Pebble apps have made Pebble Steel and Pebble smartwatches more awesome. With the new apps being developed every day and creating a stir on Pebble app store, it becomes little difficult to track down some great apps that can enhance the functionality of your Pebble watch significantly. And why not, Pebble store apps are distinctly varied and cater to every preference as well as taste. To give you some idea, Weararena brings you the chosen few best Pebble apps from every front. Most of the apps mentioned here are supported by both Android and iOS. If otherwise, it is mentioned. The respective links connect to the Pebble app store for easy installation.

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LevelUp-pebble app

Developed by BeautifulLab, this app lets you pay using your Pebble watch. As this app is getting momentum, more and more restaurant as well as retail stores are associating with it to facilitate payments in just one swipe.

iOS : Google Play   : Windows Phone


FourSquare app for Pebble watch enables you to share your location instantly with one push. It is easy to install and offers easy navigation. Once you log into your FourSquare account, the rest is just shooting the breeze.

Instructions for iOS : Instructions for Android


Love to eat? Get Yelp for Pebble. Here you can find reviews for the top restaurants nearby you. So, while you are there, eat full but take no chances, either with your health or money.

Wrist Presenter

If you have a presentation to make and the presentation is in phone, you can connect your phone wirelessly with your Pebble smartwatch. On iPhones, you need to use the ‘open-in’ menu or use the iTunes USB file sharing option. For Android phones, just simply go to the Google Drive.

Download Here


Leaf could be termed as one of the best apps for Pebble and the perfect pick for lazy bums. With it, you can control the temperature of the Nest thermostat with a single push. The only limitation is that it works within a range.

Download Here

Pebble Cards or Cards


Pebble Cards (Now, Cards) is the home screen manager for you. It is available for iOS only. With it, you can customize the screen and keep widgets that you would revisit often on the home screen.

Download Here



Not sure what apps to download? Or want your apps to keep at one place for perusal? Download Pebblets to keep RSS feeds, weather, news and stock information at place in a miniature form.

Download Here

Pebble Snap

Pebble Snap-app

The only thing Pebble display lack is the color. Its black & white screen kinds of spoils the entire experience and cannot be used to click pictures but developers have found a way to add zing with Pebble Snap. This app will let you view and shoot remotely. In a nut shell, it is a remote camera for your Pebble smartwatch. You can select front or rear camera as well as flash mode with a single button push.

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Pebble My Tracks

It is Google MyTracks on your wrist. This app is Android-only and lets you track speed, distance covered and heart rate without pulling your smartphone. For fitness enthusiasts, this app is a must-have as it enhances the functionality of your Pebble smartwatch to a great extent.

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Well, this is quite a collection of apps for Pebble watch we have tried to sort keeping different interests in mind. Want us to cover something specific, do let us know. Will be happy to hear from you!

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