Best 10 Dog GPS Activity Trackers 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Technologies are not limited to human being. It is expanding its wings and now the turn comes for the pet animals. People can enjoy the benefit of this latest tech for the animals like dog, cats etc and even for vehicles. I am talking about Pet Trackers. Yes, Pet Trackers are the latest wearables which are selling like hot cakes. Best pet trackers come with GPS technology which keep a track of your beloved pets and notifies where they are going.

Pet lover is always concerned about their whereabouts and worried for their health. Pet tracker is the best answer for satisfying your needs.All you have to do is to tie a pet GPS activity tracker on your beloved pets to track their location on a map from smartphones or your computer. Companies are contributing on wearable techs like car tracking device, GPS dog tracker, GPS cat tracker etc. We are here prepared a list of 10 best pet trackers.So, go through the article, choose one wisely and buy a top pet tracker, today.

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What is Pet Tracker?

Pet GPS Tracker is a multi function gadget, which can give you best opportunity to diagnose your pet in a best manner. The pet tracking gadget can promote your tension free lifestyle. It is designed to keep your pet safe from all kind of insecurities like health insecurity and location insecurity.

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If you want to focus on GPS pet tracker, I am compiling the top list of Best pet tracking devices. Give your look below:

Best Dog Trackers Reviews 2019 

1. GoPro Fetch

 GoPro Fetch traker

It pet Tracker remains in the chest of the dog, which can help you to make video to notice every action of him/her like jumping, eating something, and digging anything etc. The gadget has a rugged build so that it will let your dog wet without any worry as it is washable.


  • Dogs-eye view
  • Two camera mounts
  • Washable + water friendly
  • Easy to attach + remove cameras

It costs around $59.99.

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2. Fitbark Dog Activity Tracker

Fitbark dog activity Tracker

Fitbark dog activity Tracker

Dog owner can easily track their dog activities as if your dog is taking sufficient sleep or not as it has indicator to display and your dog fitness level can be monitored to the comparison to other dog. Fitbark can be very usable in keeping the records of vet and all the updates will be transferred on your mobile, which will help your pet vet to proceed treatment with perfection. Your vet updates can be shared on social network sites like twitter and facebook.

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3. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker


This is pet GPS Tracker which means that you can apply tabs on your pet like cat and dog so that device will track the safe locality near your house and if your pet move out of the safe zone then the alert on the device will keep you informed. Tagg gives map with the location direction to your house if you set the area. It has one more features of letting you know about your pet’s exercise level. This is the best dog GPS trackers choose by our editor.

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  • It Sends Text and Email Alerts When Your Pet Gets Out
  • View and Track Daily Exercise Levels
  • Free iPhone and Android Apps
  • Interactive Map – Directions to Your Pet

It is around $ 99.95. ( read our Review of Tagg GPS Tracker)

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4. Whistle GPS

 Whistle Activity Monitor For Dogs

Whistle GPS gadget is smart enough to let you know about the any changes in the record you set for your pet as it is synced with your mobile. This is the smallest pet tracker ever we had. You have to bear the monthly expenses for the location services that are $5.


  • Track your dog’s activity, daily behavior, and long-term health trends
  • Receive automatic updates about your dog’s day directly on your phone
  • Set a daily activity goal for your dog based on age, breed, and weight.
  • it works with smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 4.3 or later, and iOS 6.0 or later

It is costing around $129. ($99 at the time of writing)

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5. PetTronixRoamEO Activity Tracker

 PetTronixRoamEO Pet Tracker

It is a rubber collar GPS tracker with its own GPS and compass. This shows distance and path and also continuously let you know about the records. It can be used without any hassle in the night and without network. Its battery backup is 24 hours and it has two batteries, which you can charge separately.


  • GPS-enabled collar and handheld receiver system updates and displays your dog’s location
  • No annual or monthly service contracts required
  • collar automatically powers on when placed on your pet
  • Uses rechargeable, lithium batteries for both handheld receiver and collar

It costs around $200.

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6. Stick-N-Find


This device is useful in those things, which you do not want to lose. If your dog goes out of the boundaries then your set alert will inform you about this. It has a very nice feature that is Radar app, which can keep record of your missing stuff like luggage, gadgets, and pet animals and so on.

Available on iDevices and few smartphones.

It is costing around $49.99

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7. Voyce Dog Tracker


You can get this gadget in different sizes as if 32-inch neck waterproof collar can keep your dog under your eye check. This device cannot only track your pet’s activity but also track the heart rate, respiratory rate and the calories your pet burnt. Your dog’s stats can be easily looked after by Voyce and it will set goals like burning the calorie level (site).

8. Silent herdsman


This device can be used for cow also, which will let the cow be active. Its smart collar can track the behavior of cow and its automatic feature will keep you alert for the any changes over the net connected PC. You can also monitor on the cow’s milk yield and her fertility from this device.

Price on request.

9. No More Woof

 No More Woof1

This gadget is awesome as it can speak like the character in Disney film. This smart collar can describe in what condition your dos is now, how is he/ she feeling you can come to know through the gadget and that also in sound. It can inform you things in sentence, which can be easily understandable through setting the voices.

You can get this device worth $65 (Link).

10. Garmin GTU 50

 Garmin GTU 10

It has AT&T network to function and can be monitored through app on your mobile. It has geofences, which will reveal the pet owner about the boundary crossing by dog via mail alert. Battery life is short and it has a feature imparting information about the location, which runs slow that lead your battery life long. It is a car and kids tracking devices

It costs around $230 and $50 is annual fee.

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The above GPS Dog trackers are very effective in monitoring the dog, cat, cow, luggage and so on. It is unfair to think that this gadget can track only pet but also useful for human benefit. You can beautify your life with its simple features and easy to use to make your life easy, productive, secured and comfortable.

Guys, I have put my concept regarding the best GPS Pet Trackers 2019 and now its your turn to give your ideas about the above gadgets. Specify via comments will you own it or not in your day to day lives to stay smarter.

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