The best foot forward: Digitsole Smart Soles to track your fitness and warm your toes

2015 International CES will be remembered as a turning point in the history of wearables as well as for wearable enthusiasts. This is the time when you will see how every organ of the body is adding to the ‘connected’ list. After ear, it is the turn of your feet to get connected, track fitness and feel the warmth of technology.


French Footwear Company, GlaGla showcased Digitsole insole here at CES 2015, which shares its genes from a fitness tracker and thermostat. If wearing smartwatch or wrist fitness band is too much a hassle for you, then these are just for you. People, who complain of getting cold feet (not literally!) in winters or are suffering from poor blood circulation in toes or fingers, can also benefit a lot from Digitsole. Though, there is no harm in trying them knowing that you are standing in world’s first connected interactive and heating soles and feeling comfortable than the most of other joggers. Since it is also important that what tracks your running or jogging, tracking from feet also makes sense too. Please note that that the Digitsole can heat only the front part for your feet and not the sides.


Not just you can track your fitness but can also keep your feet warm up to 120 degrees F. The smart soles are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones and can be connected via app. The app can be used to change temperature of built-in thermostat and operate the dashboard consisting of the fitness data such as number of steps taken and calories burnt. The app also requests information regarding height, gender and age to determine your fitness levels and altitude. The battery lasts about six to nine hours and can be charged via USB. The port is under a flap near the heels and as per company’s sources, it may take about 3 hours to charge the soles completely. Battery life is directly dependent on the heating. If you use it to produce more heat, the battery drain will be more rapid.

Digitsole was first projected on Kickstarter in last September and now is undertaken by the French company, GlaGla. The campaign surpassed its funding expectation in November and showed the prototype here in the Las Vegas.

Apart from smart soles, GlaGla and Digitsoles are also planning to launch new sneakers with the same but advanced technology that will heat up the sides of feet also. The company is also planning to launch a downgrade version of smart soles that will be equipped with the fitness sensors but not thermostat. But is not it just taking the USP out of this smart technology?

Price and Release of Digitsole Smart Insoles

The company is taking preorders for two Digitsole insoles for $200. For backers, who had funded the campaign at Kickstarter, it is available for $100. In Europe, it is available for €150 and the price conversion in the UK amounts to £115. In Australia, one may have to shell $AUS250, to get one’s feet in smart soles.

The Digitsole smart insoles target early adopters and enthusiasts who are into extreme outdoor adventures. Some of us won’t feel like shelling out $200 for a pair of soles but again, do not all the fitness bands priced at about the same range? According to the experts, the thermostat of the Digitsole works well and can heat the toes perfectly but there has been no information on the accuracy of fitness metrics as of now.

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