Axon Watch, developed by ZTE is to be launched in China

ZTE had created a stir in the market with its Axon smartphone which is currently on the racks now. Before its release it remained a secret for all. In the further market updates it has been known that the Axon smartphone is the 1st in line product of the series. Lately, ZTE has declared the launch of Axon smartwatch which will be available only to China. The announcement was made in July, this year. Recently, the company has made official the release date of the Axon smartwatch. The wearable will be available for online purchase from 27th October, 2015 via MyZTE online store, present in China. The primary reason behind the release in Chinese market is the operating system used in the smartwatch, which has been developed by Tencent.

Axon Watch

The Axon smartwatch comes in with a lot of interesting features as stated. It runs on TOS+ operating system which has been developed by Tencent. It is a popular brand name in China which deals in internet services and has a prominent ownership of WeChat and other media services. The TOS+ operating is loosely based on Android, but since the Google services are not very frequent in China, so it is not very convenient to use Andriod in the Chinese market. The TOS+ operating system was launched in May, this year. Among other features of the Axon smartphone are an impressive 1.4 inches dial diameter and adorns Gorilla Glass with a sapphire layer. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and has 512MB of RAM along with 4GB of internal storage memory. The smartwatch has a 300mAh battery and IP67 rating and hence is protected against moisture and dust particles.

The Axon smartwatch is a joint venture of ZTE and Tencent. But the brand is yet to release its Android smartwatch internationally. It can be predicted that the Axon smartwatch is the stepping stone of its future versions.

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