Are Guest Posts Really Helpful?

Owning and maintaining your own blog can be difficult when it comes to expanding and exposing it to the outside world. It can sometimes be really hard to monetize your blog, especially when the audience is too small.

And hence, guest posts provide an easy and effective way to showcase your skills to the audience that are really in need of it.

Now the question arises,

 ‘What exactly are guest posts?’.

As the name suggests, guest posts are nothing but writing as a guest for someone else’s blog. Bloggers are attracted to people who have good writing skills and so to take their blogs ahead, they allow other writers to write for them. This provides the writers a good audience to share their skills and content and in return, the bloggers get good content.

As a beginner, if I would have published such content for my own blog, I wouldn’t have got such an exposure when I did for someone else.

Also, working for someone else makes me responsible and trained enough for any future plans ahead.

Blogging can be risky when you’re not sure of what you really want to do.

So standing at the edge, in dilemma, one questions

‘Would guest posting would really be a good option?’

Here are some helping hands like truths that would make you believe that guest posting really works.

Popularity and Relevance

One of the biggest qualities of a guest blogger is forming it’s own image. When a guest blogger publishes his own, authentic content, it is likely to get more relevance than the spams roaming around.

A good website that appreciates their guest bloggers also gains a lot of popularity and a good name in the market.

It attracts a pool of guest bloggers and guess what?

Once the website becomes more friendly, it’s likely to get more views and stand in top searches.

Becoming more social

Guest posting is the best way to get out of your comfort zone.

After all what grows in comfort zone?

It’s a very good platform for people to share their own views and content in a space where you will find audience who actually wants to read it. Introverts or anyone who is shy to share their content because of the fear of rejection, have a very friendly platform to rely on.

With the targeted traffic that a blog attracts, one is more likely to find people who communicate in the same field as you do, making you more social.

Earning more dimes

All the efforts and commitments receive a setback when there is no monetary motivation to fuel it.

Guest posting not only helps you to earn some bucks, but also helps you to be featured in the most searched lists which is very beneficial for the owner. The more links that drive people to your blog, the more dimes in your pocket!

Branding and awareness

The common problem of ‘trust issues’ can be resolved by one word, “Branding“. The more popular you get, the more attractive and trustable you become. People having heard your name will find it hard to rely on a content that doesn’t have your brand on it.

And so, guest posts are a good way of branding yourself. It is also a huge platform that helps people to become more aware of the surroundings they live in. It’s not always that a post is used to sell ourselves to a consumer, but also spread some information that can be practically used by them creating a medium of awareness.

Attracting your dreams

Everyone have their eyes on the shiny gold between the garbage.

So if your blog shines between others, you have the capability to attract what you’ve visualised.

Business dealers always have their eyes open to good blogs. Guest blogging is a great way for attracting good business deals and opportunities that might give a boom to the blog. If you want to attract some deals, write the most thoughtful and relevant post and submit to a great site. And rest all is patience.


Your content will be more discoverable if you send a backlink to one of your own posts while submitting to your blogger. Most of the times, the backlink provides a chance to enhance your SEO and attract more traffic. This also acts a motivational technique for bloggers who want to keep their writers happy.

Knowing what’s around and feedback

Another benefit that a guest receives is a look on the outside world. While reading other posts, you get to know your competitors and your position. This provides a reality check of where you stand.

Also feedbacks from other bloggers help in improving your pitches and your writing skills to a point where you feel confident about your work.

One may not experience it, if one doesn’t try it.

So get out of the dilemma and get ready to become one of the most talented guest blogger!

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