Apple’s Secret Lab and 10 sec time frame for Apple Watch apps

Ideally, for how long should you use the apps on your smartwatch? While for the desktops it could be for hours, for smartphones it could be minutes but for smart and connected watches, it cannot be more than 10 minutes. No, we aren’t saying this.  Apple has been asking its developers to make apps that won’t annoy the users by taking too much time and hence, also, don’t become a threat to the battery.  Apple doesn’t want the users to check their wrists every minute for every junk mail they receive or get distracted from their work with constant buzzing. Apple wants to give control to the users by giving them the apps that are designed to use within the 10 seconds of time frame. The information outburst will be quick enough to be conveyed to the user and take call on it. Like in the case of iPad and iPhone, every app will be screened for judicious usage by the management and to ensure the conformity of the guidelines.

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The other news comes from Apple’s Secret Lab where the fine-tuning of Apple Watch is being done just before the final showdown, ultimate secrecy is being maintained.  Everybody working here abides by a non-disclosure contract and nobody is allowed to speak what is going inside. Let alone phones, even pen or paper isn’t allowed inside. Developers and companies, which need to test their apps on the Cupertino Company’s flagship wearable, need to bring source code which cannot be taken outside.

Via: Bloomberg

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