Alternative Budget Smartwatches to try instead of Apple Watch

Besides waiting for Apple Watch 2, if you want to skip the first version of Apple Watch because of its cost and mixed reactions and are looking for the best cheaper alternatives to strap on the wrist, here are the few wearable smartwatches worth trying for.

ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch

Besides Xiaomi, ASUS is known for its budget offerings.  The debutante wearable from the Taiwanese company, ASUS ZenWatch is the perfect blend of style and function. It doesn’t take the trusted roundabout way of smartwatches out there and is a square peg in the round hole. The super AMOLED screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and thestainless steel casing lends it durability as well as style. On the features part too, ASUS ZenWatch scores Brownie point. It is capable to unlock your phone automatically and you can also mute the ringer by covering the watch face.  At $199, the ZenWatch is exceptionally good and cheaper than Apple Watch. Moreover, it doesn’t shy away from some competition. Have a look here.

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 Review

While Motorola Moto 360’s possible sequel is doing rounds, the original Motorola Moto 360 makes for the ideal alternative of Apple Watch.  With 320 x 320 resolution and elegant customize options of watch bands, faces and straps via Moto Maker, the Motorola Moto 360 was the first Android Wear smartwatch and hailed for being a beautiful as well as quite functional smart wrist watch. For more details on Motorola Moto 360 features, head here.

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Xiaomi Smartwatch:

Xiaomi smartwatch          

Touted as China’s Apple, Xiaomi is creating strong ripples in the wearable segment. First the $20Mi Band and then the news of collaboration with Huami to create a budget smartwatch, indicates that the Chinese maker is taking things seriously. Expected to be around $80 price range, Xiaomi smartwatch is supposed to live up to the expectation of brand of providing niche features at affordable price.  Interested? Read more about Xiaomi smartwatch here. The watch was expected to release on March 31 but there has been no news of its availability as of now. But given the image of brand, I think it will be worth the wait.

Pebble Time Steel:

Good times ahead with Pebble Time

If you loved Pebble Time, then you will adore Pebble Time Steel for its premium stainless steel finish. The watch was announced at MWC 2015 and with this;Pebble has finally able to stand in the line of those high-end luxury watches. From the bezel to straps, it is crafted of stainless steel watch and shipped with stainless steel and leather straps. The straps enhance the battery life to three to four weeks and could double up as a GPS strap or heart rate monitor. And the best part is, the smart straps will be created by the developers with the help of external hardware port. So, you won’t have any problem with the options.

Apple Watch is incredibly sexy, we know. And most of you out there would definitely like to sport one. But if the budget is stopping you or you want to wait for the next-gen Apple Watch, we can understand. Try the above cheaper alternatives meanwhile and choose a smartwatch to flaunt, track your fitness and tune with your smartphone.

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