Apple Watch 2 Wish List, Release Date and Price: All You Wanted to Know About the Next-Gen Apple Watch

While Apple Watch wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the IDC report which put Xiaomi at number 2 and Samsung smartwatch at 4th slot, there is no denying that Apple’s debutant wearable is here to create ripples. Very conveniently, we choose to skip the sales figures that say it all about the mixed reactions its users have. Though we all know, Apple Watch 2 would straighten things out and will improve on what its older sibling was lacking.

Apple watch 2

We at Weararena are already thinking about the next-generation Apple Watch. Apple Watch 2, as well know, will pack in the punch, both in terms of beauty and technology. Here is everything that you wanted to know about Apple Watch 2 features! Also, find Apple Watch 2 Wish list! Something that we want to see in the next version of Apple Watch!


Apple Watch 2 Camera:

Apple Watch has a viewfinder and despite that how impossible and weird that may sound, having a camera on Apple Watch 2 won’t hurt.  While with Android Wear smartwatches like Moto 360 and ASUS ZenWatch 2, you can control the camera but it is about time that in addition with in-built mic and speaker,smartwatches have this functionality for users for better pictures. As suggested by Macworld.

Apple Watch 2 Battery Life:

We have heard so many grievances about how the battery of Apple Watch sucks! I know, as if plugging in your smartphone for charging more than once a day wasn’t enough! But we are hoping it to be better with the next Apple Watch.  However, keeping the design as sleek and housing a powerful battery will be a challenge for Cupertino Company.

Apple Watch 2 Customization:

We have Pebble Smartstraps and Blocks, an Android running smartwatch that is made of metal jacks and modules. These wearables, in our opinion, are the next-age smartwatches that take the customization beyond the strap colors, watch face and material.

To remain relevant in this competition of innovation, Apple Watch 2 should roll in extra sensors for accuracy and perfection its users expect from it.

Different Displays for Apple Watch 2:

If only Apple Watch 2 could be available in circular display, apart from its signature rectangular dial. With this, it could give Moto 360 and LG G Watch R a run for money.

Apple Watch 2 for Android Smartphones:

Naah! That isn’t going to happen, we all know. Apple takes pride in its exclusivity and considers itself way ahead of Google Android, whether it’s the user-experience or luxury. But just imagine, if it happens, Apple would expand its footprints to the millions of Android users  too.

We want more!

Be it the limited 8GB storage, small screen with 390 x 312 resolution, Apple Watch 2 could really use some expansion.  For a smartwatch, the 8GB storage and resolution of Apple Watch is enough but the speed which we are going by, Apple needs to put its feet on the gas pedal to stay in this race of who-hits-the-wrist-first. The digital crown on Apple Watch 2 should also see a replacement as a push button for easy navigation.  Built-in GPS rather than relying on iPhone GPS could be Godsend for fitness enthusiasts and explorers.

Apple Watch 2 Release Date:

Here is hoping that this time Apple Watch 2 release will be smooth and without much glitch as it happened with the original Apple Watch. When, well we say, it is expected to come out by next year when Apple’s next product cycle happens.

Apple Watch 2 Price:

Expect the same elite pricing, the brackets pushing even higher.

So, folks that is with the #AppleWatch2Wishlist. What features would you like to include here, do let us know! Tweet with #AppleWatch2Wishlist and we will retweet the best ones!

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