Anybody can be an App Developer and a Product Developer with MetaWear

Want to create an amazing product?

Want to develop a kickass mobile app?

But don’t have the funds to invest in tools or patience to start the process from scratch or lack the necessary expertise?

Well, here is a solution for this in the form of MetaWear. This compact and low on power sensor works as a plug-n-play base for your product. It combines the capabilities of gyroscope, barometer, temperature sensor and accelerometer and streams 6-axis environmental and motion data in aspects of pressure, orientation, rotation, acceleration, temperature, angular velocity and altitude.

Despite packing such powerful features, it comes in the form of small and lightweight board and is capable to collect the motion data irrespective of the condition, location and time. You can build your product around this low-power sensor and can control it via smartphone. Quick (I am talking about minutes) and affordable, these are the two USPs of MetaWear; basically the two things which you need the most when you want to create innovative product or app. The app you are writing is expected to send the command to the MetaWear board which will do the rest of work. It logs the real-time data, which can be exported in CSV format with tools like MS Excel and Python. The 100mAh battery is rechargeable and offers up to 3 weeks of usage.

metawear chip

It can connect to a smartphone, Bluetooth LE device or tablet.

What can you stream with MetaWear?

MetaWear sensor

You can make a wearable, recognize the motions and gestures and analyse your performance in a game. Or else temperature changes when you travel or how many calories you have burnt during exercise! Just embed the sensor into ski, or band and access the data through your smartphone. You can also program it for IFTTT. For instance,

“IF I am inactive from 1 hour THEN remind me to take a walk.”

“IF the temperature increases THEN turn on the fans and AC.”

You program the board with the help of app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. With the help of this app, you can send permanent commands (count the number of stepsor record heartbeat after exercise) and temporary commands (pushbutton forthe LED light)to the board.

With MetaWear, you don’t have to be an engineer or a developer. If you have basic knowledge and know enough to have your way with mobile SDK, you are good to go!

If you have read about Hiji Band that features removable sensor, MetaWear, you know what I am talking about.

Availability and MetaWear Price:

MetaWear was on Kickstarter and successfully funded well ahead of time. It is expected to ship by July and you can pre-order one for $55 only.

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