Amazon Echo – Something more than a Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon Echo has been the talk of the town since its first glimpse in to the technology segment. At first, Amazon had launched an “invite only” feed which provided an insider in to this wonder product. At that time it was still in its beta phase of development. Right from that time, people have been quite excited about it. It received much of positive feedbacks back then. Now the product is right on the shelves for the mass consumers. Before you cloud yourself with all the questions regarding its specifications and its price, you should have a clear idea what the Amazon Echo really is.


The Amazon Echo can be considered as a combination of a Bluetooth speaker and an intelligent voice assistant. It remains connected to the internet through Wi-Fi at all times. Hence it has access to Amazon’s cloud services. The device is capable of playing any music which is present in the cloud of your choice. It also gives you important update on weather, exchange rate, facts, travel updates and much more. Overall is a smart home device and your intelligent guide in certain cases. Some Technology News site also reported a lightning headset connector may come with it.

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Amazon Echo Features

The most significant features of Amazon Echo are as follows:


  • The first feature which makes the Amazon Echo really stand out is the voice activation mechanism. It is a hands free device. The Amazon Echo is connected to the cloud based service known as Alexa which is also the activation word for it. The Echo detects this wake word, turns on and streams the audio to cloud. In order to make it further useful, it has seven microphone and beam forming technology, with which it can catch the user’s voice even when the music is playing. This is due to the improved noise cancellation feature.
  • The size of Amazon Echo 9.25″ x 3.27″ x 3.27″ and weighs around 1045 grams. It has a 2.5 inch woofer and 2.0 inch tweeter. The device is built in for 360° omni-directional audio which gives you immersive sound across the room. It gives the crisp vocals combined with dynamic bass response. The Dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi aids in faster streaming. It supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks but does not work connecting to ad-hoc or peer to peer Wi-Fi networks. The audio streaming from mobile to Amazon Echo is supported by Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and voice controlling of the connected mobiles is aided by Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). The Amazon Echo can work with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices.
  • The basic features of Echo include playing music and answering questions which can be anything as it searches the internet for the details and provides the same. It is also capable of performing certain day to day tasks like alarm setting, checking emails, amending shopping list, calendar updates and reading books even.


  • The Echo is not stagnant the way you purchase it. It constantly evolves with the usage patterns. It gradually adapts to the user’s speech pattern, vocabulary and individual preferences. It also upgrades itself frequently as it is connected to the internet and they are delivered automatically.
  • It has many eye catching new skills which help to make the users life easier. It has the local search of Yelp, music streaming from Pandora, access to Google calendar, live sports and traffic updates, reordering in Amazon and much more. It is also capable of controlling other smart devices like WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon and such like.

Amazon Echo Downsides

All the features are pretty attractive in Amazon Echo. But there are is a negative down side of the device as well. There is no battery option in Echo. That means you have to keep it plugged in to a power point at all times. It also essentially means that the usage of the Amazon Echo is restricted to home or indoors only.


The Amazon Echo is available in the price range of USD 180 to 190 in Amazon. It might seem a bit more in the first look, but thinking of it this way, that it is not just a Bluetooth speaker. It is a smart device which makes your life easy on the go on a daily basis. It is the best in class you can get.

Review Conclusion

The Amazon Echo is the new age Bluetooth speaker which doubles up as your personal assistant in many ways. Right from playing music to reading books, to keeping tracks of your daily schedule, it does it all. And all this comes with no physical effort, as the Amazon Echo is voice operated. An interesting feature which makes it really stand out.

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