All-metal LG Urbane set to compete with Apple Watch

LG has announced its all-metal smartwatch that runs on Android Wear. Dubbed as Urbane, the smartwatch will be showcased in Barcelona at MWC, 2015. It is not only LG’s first all-metal smartwatch but also one of the best-looking smartwatch till date. Sophistication and style is written all over its stainless steel body. It looks close to the predecessor LG G Watch R in terms of aesthetics. The round faced watch is lifted from it and so does the plastic OLED display. However, the target segments are going to be different. While the LG G Watch R was designed keeping active users in mind whereas Urbane is a more of a smartwatch and is unisex, intending that both women and men can wear it. The narrow bezels make it sleeker than its older sibling. Whether you want to create a fashion statement or make it a companion for your Android (4.3 and above) smartphone, this can act both the parts.


Juno Cho, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, stated that LG Urbane is the company’s strategy to make wearables the integral part of everybody’s daily life and not something that will only be seen as an electronic gadget.

While we waited for the sequel of LG G Watch R, the Korean company has announced another round-faced, OLED display watch. Since it is couple of weeks to go for MWC, we think the early announcement is to create lots of buzz ahead the event. Also, the release timings of the LG Urbane call for a direct face-off with Apple Watch. The features of this watch comprise photoplethysmography sensor to measure average pulse and heart rate of the user. The ambient mode makes for an always stay-on display, which showcases time in even dimmed mode, saving on the battery life in the process. The watch also features a touch-based intuitive interface. Moreover, the watch also has barometer, gyrometer, accelerometer, compass and barometer. The watch is powered with 410mAh battery. It has IP67 rating which means it is water-resistant and dust-proof to some extent. It does not have an in-built GPS either.

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With 4GB memory and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor clocking in at 1.2GHz, it unfortunately does not seem to offer anything apart from the sleek look and finish, which I am sure most of us have seen in ASUS. If not, I am sure that majority of people would rather go for Apple Watch, for it seems to excel both in style as well as features as of now.

Availability and Price of LG Urbane:

The company has chosen to reveal other details and price information as and when LG Urbane will be available on the shelves.

LG Watch Urbane will be available in two versions, polished silver and gold finish. The leather strap looks classy and gives the watch a formal setting.

LG Urbane sure does take the Android Wear up by a few notches but in terms of style only. It lacks substance, which could have made it a hero in the segment. It seems just a rehashed and stylish version of LG G Watch R and offers nothing ground-breaking.


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