Acer Liquid Leap New Models: Details Out!

In this season of sequels, Acer Liquid Leap gets upgraded too and will now be available in three stylish avatars, Acer Liquid Leap Active, Acer Liquid Leap Fit and Acer Liquid Leap Curve. While the former two focus on fitness metrics, the latter falls prey to fashion (we aren’t complaining though!)

Acer Liquid Leap Fit:


The lightweight and beautiful wearable from Acer is cross-platform and compatible with Windows, Android and iOS. The original Liquid Leap featured interchangeable strap slot and the swanky Liquid Leap Fit follows the suit. The new wearable tracks your fitness regime, flaunts 1-inch touchscreen and is waterproof too. Along with the heart rate sensor, the stress sensor to alarm you of your stress levels is also onboard. The gold-plated pads are to track galvanic skin response as the sensor needs to be in contact with skin to measure metrics.

Acer Liquid Leap Active:


Out of these three models, Acer Liquid Leap Active relies on basic functions but still flaunts the same size touchscreen and can monitor the number of calories burnt and steps covered. It is also waterproof, controls music and beeps when it pushes notification to your wrist.

Acer Liquid Leap Curve:


Looks wise, the Leap Curve swerves much on fashion side. Even the company defines it to be as beautiful as a piece of jewelry. Though this curved screen device is waterproof as well as rolls in stress sensor and heart rate sensor.

The interchangeable straps, ergonomic design and screen remain same in these three versions. Reportedly, Acer is in touch with several developers to create customized band designs.

In case you want to stick to the original Acer Liquid Leap wearable band, buy it on Amazon.

Via: Pocket Lint

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