A quick glance at Ford smart e-bikes

Ford, the famous American car maker showcased two concepts of smart e-bikes. Dubbed as MoDe: Pro and MoDe: Me, these bikes aim to makethe everyday commute of bikers easier, more efficient and safer.  The bike can connect to Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.  This is not the first time that Ford has tried its hands on connected electronic bicycles. Earlier in the year 2011, the auto maker came up with Ford Think Mobility electric bike, which was a fiasco. However, this time the company asked its designers and teams to come up with an eco-friendly and feasible design and as a result, we have these two bikesMoDe: Me and MoDe: Pro made by Bruce Southey and Paul Wraith respectively.  The latter is a rugged, more industrial form and meant for the commercial usage.  It has a wide rear rack, making it useful to carry goods.  The ‘Me’ is more of a personal bike and designed keeping the commuters in mind. It is lightweight and can be carried inside a car.  According to Southey, it will provide users with the freedom which is now lost in the congested lanes of the metropolitan cities.


The bikes’ sensors vibrateto let the bikers know if a car in the back is speeding up. These also flash lights for the car driver to aware him of your presence. When not in use, these can be folded and stored away.  The iPhone can be connected via Bluetooth and GPS can be set for the route.  There are dedicated horns for drivers and comparatively less noisy horn for the pedestrians.  The handlebars utilize haptic feedback to help the riders to take directions.  Here, the car company also showcased an open-source hardware and software kit named as Info Cycle Sensor Kit, which can be installed on any bike.


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