Core Team

Vinisha Kataria : Editor in chief

An MBA, a brand strategist and writer, Vinisha is hooked to technology. Trying to keep pace with ever-changing tech world, she keeps on writing to understand and analyze it from a user’s perspective. A hardcore movie buff and ‘Nirvana’ fan, she can be reached @vinisha_nirmal

Email ID : [email protected]

Neeteca Pal : Contributing Writer

Neeteca is a tech journalist who has been working in this niche for the past years. She has been keeping a close watch on the flagship gadgets, primarily smartphones, tablets and others, launched by leading brands and thus has been able to sketch valuable insights about the progress made in the sphere of technology with the course of time.

Abhilash Thakur

A tech enthusiast, Abhilash Thakur is the founder of He has a keen interest in news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happen around wearable technologies and wearable devices.

He can be reached @abhilashgeek

Email ID : [email protected]