Skea: A wearable and game for deep down there

As the world of wearables expands beyond smartwatches and fitness trackers, the segment for ‘other’ body parts has also started to get a bit crowded. After $149 kGoal and Elvie, it is the turn of Skea, which stands for Smart Kegel Exercise Aid. The device adds fun to the exercise by integrating the pelvic floor training with game. Instead of your fingers, the contractions of the pelvic muscles will help you win the game. Designed by Linkcube, a Chinese electronics wearable studio, Skea is yet another attempt to ‘smartify’ the pelvic floor exercises.

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Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic floor of women. In simpler words, the vaginal muscles which with time and post-delivery, gets all wobbly. Yes, there are Kegel exercises to start with but why would you need a wearable that inserts like a tampon? Well, just for the same thing that you need several other wearables like MOTI and Fitbit. Trying to squeeze in and relaxing the pelvic muscles for some 30 minutes and odd 120 days, without getting to know the progress you made, can be tiresome and frustrating! Hence, the need of Kegel wearables.

It is to be noted that the dysfunction pelvic floor muscles can result in urinary incontinence and backache. It also reduces sexual pleasure. The Skea can be inserted inside like a tampon and is equipped with a biosensor. The contraction of pelvic muscles can be synced with the game as you try to make the game protagonist skip, jump around and dodge the obstacles like water, fire and mud to collect ‘collagen elixirs!’

The game is called, ‘Alice in Continent’ but you can also customize the name and give it your name for more personalization.

The Experience:

As you squeeze the pelvic muscles, you can feel a tickle and warm sensation in the nether area. The inside motor also vibrates as biofeedback when you apply pressure on it. However, as Verge reported that how its editor felt uncomfortable and oddly warm with kGoal usage despite following the protocol down to a t, this Skea thing gets extremely tricky. The number one concern could be hygiene too but as the outer cover can be washed, I think that will do for now. However, the “size” of device remains a concern as it won’t be a tiny plug like tampon.


The device tracks your performance and consistence. As the score of game improves, it indicates the toned pelvic muscles. Skea also tracks the history on the smartphone, so you know the progress you made.


The pelvic muscle trainer wearable, Skea holds a motor inside and the design team doesn’t deny it to be used as a vibrator that can be remote-controlled.

With Skea, women can control their sexual life as well as pave the way forward for pre-pregnancy preparation and post-pregnancy recovery. They can train their muscle for urinary incontinence and musculoskeletal stability.

The project was on Kickstarter and completed its funding goal. Available for $85, various color versions are offered, latest being the Black Swan. The app and game is compatible with Android and iOS.

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