Nike Power-Lacing Shoes, HyperAdapt 1.0 to be Available From November

Nike Power-Lacing Shoes: Nike has confirmed that they are ready to sell the HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers inspired by the movie Back to the Future on Monday, November 28. According to Nike PR Director Heidi Burgett, the Smart shoes will be available in select Nike stores in the US.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Note that according to the company you’ll have to make an appointment to “experience and purchase” the shoes. When you put your feet into the shoes, the pressure sensor in the sole draws an arrangement of fishing line tighter. To adjust the fit, you’ll have to use the two buttons on the front. This is all made possible by a mini-motor within the shoe. The lace in the front is of no use and is largely for decoration. The only catch is that you’ll have the charge the shoe in every two weeks.

Wired recently ran a cover story on the futuristic Nike Hyperadapt. They spoke to designer Tinker Hatfield who recalled, “like someone had asked me to reinvent footwear for actual performance reasons, in the real world, only I had 30 years to figure the technology out.” And that’s when the idea came to him: “What about a shoe that would essentially come alive when you put it on? It would sense you. It would become the shape of your foot, and when it came alive, it would light up. Wouldn’t it be great if shoes could do that?”

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Wired had the opportunity to experience the futuristic shoe that they shared this following video:

The world is yet to take smart footwears seriously. Although the shoes don’t look very similar to those worn by Marty in the hit movie we are hope Nike’s futuristic shoes would help smart footwears become popular among the masses.