Meet your sleeping partner, Withings Aura

Technology makes way to your bedroom, yet again. Withings Aura is a dedicated sleep monitor that keeps tab on your sleep. Unlike other wrist-worn devices, which do the part-time job of monitoring your sleep pattern, it works full-time to not just track your sleep but also to improve your time between the sheets as well as wake you up with an ambient noise. It features different alarm systems and lights that help you fall asleep. Since it comes from French personal healthcare tech company Withings, you can track the fitness and sleep data vis-à-vis if you use Withings’ other devices.

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Withings Aura

While other sleep trackers are leaving it on you to track your sleep and do nothing much about to improve the quality of your slumber or tell you the time to wake up feeling more refreshed, Withings’ sleep tracker brings about the right change. Apart from monitoring your sleep, it emits white noise to fall you asleep and keeps giving a narrow red light spectrum to help you have deep slumber without any disturbance. To wake you up, Aura chooses the most suitable window time frame from the alarm you set it off with in the first place. It uses different sounds patterns and lights to wake you up and do not jolt you up from the sleep like other alarms do. The red light that emits when you start to doze off does not have Melatonin-inhibiting wavelengths whereas the blue light, to be emitted at your waking time, has and it raises your alertness level. Moreover, the red light is actually a shade of orange that gradually becomes red and does not change its color until it is about the time to wake up. The white noise is a peaceful roar of the ocean that can put even the most disturbed souls to peace and sleep. Though, I doubt about the melodic alarm, because I am not the person who can be shaken from sleep by sweet tunes. Though, the sweet melodies gradually change to drum and bass but it takes too long and yes, there are no snoozers so, you may miss your flight if you have not schedule your alarm a bit earlier to buy you some time.

The device also tracks REM and light as well as deep sleep periods. It is basically two parts, one the dome-shaped curved cellar that needs to be on the side table and the sensor that you need to slide under the mattress. A single sensor can track only one person’s sleep so, for two of you, it means you require two sleep monitors. Though, Withings has confirmed that the Withings Aura with two sensors is under process and may be launched soon. The rear of the dome can be used to charge phone but it is a pity that you cannot connect your smartphone to listen music while you sleep. The sensor can be controlled via the touch panels on the monitor that can be swiped up and down to control the light and brightness of the app. Press the button longer if you want the monitor to switch on or off.

The part of the tracker emitting the light is open and no-glass concave area. The sleep sensor that goes into your mattress is 8.3 inches in width and 27.6 inches long. But the thickness is just 0.6 inches and hence, you do not feel them under your sheets.

Release and Price of Withings Aura

The sleep tracker and audio-visual sleep stimulator Withings Aura is available for $299.95.

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At such times, when social media notifications and work stress has replaced the quality of life and sleep has started to elude us, Withings Aura seems to be spot-on but as far as the data and usability is concerned, it still has long way to go.