Luna smart mattress cover turns your good night’s sleep into the best one

What could be the best way to track your sleep than the mattress itself? And not just this, what if I tell you it could control the temperature, create perfect conditions for sleeping and also wake you up? Yes, this smart mattress is about to become a reality and is in making. Luna has built the world’s first smart mattress cover that aims to transform your bed into a smart bed. This device wraps your existing mattress and tracks the sleep of people sleeping on it. It can change the light and heating settings as desired. When it senses that you are waking up, it starts brewing coffee and turns the light on! Aww… I just found my perfect life partner.

Luna mattress

Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder of Luna felt that everything except bed was going smart. In his words, Luna mattress cover transforms your experience of going to bed by changing everything in accordance with your mood and when you sleep, everything turns off to be turned on again when you wake up the next morning.

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It has dual zone temperature modes which allow you to track and manage different sides separately. So, if your partner wants to sleep in cold, let him / her because you can fix your side’s temperature as per your wish (oh, I can die in peace now!). The morning becomes easier as it will wake you up during the lightest sleep and will slowly help you to come out of sleep by turning on some light music. It will also start brewing coffee and will let you know if you slept well. What more? It is machine washable (I know, too good to be true)!

Luna mattress-1

Made of polyester, it integrates microphone, WiFi and sensors for breathing, heart rate, humidity and temperature. The microphone detects snoring and can alarm people of some sleeping disorders like apnea that they are blissfully unaware of. But for some it could be just a plain threat to their privacy.

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Those who have experienced it, say that it is quite accurate with the waking and sleeping time. The device collects the data initially on the cover itself and then sends it to the connected devices over Luna app. The data is sent to Luna headquarters for further analysis in an encrypted form.

Franceschetti also confirmed its tie-up with Nest smart thermometer and other smart devices. As the device is expected to digitize our sleeping routine, the add-on tie-ups will help the San Francisco Company to offer comprehensive portfolio. Some of such in-talks possibilities include the Emberlight smart globes that let you digitally secure your house with Lockitron locks, turning off the volume of stereo system and turning on the brewing machine.

It needs to be plugged in via adaptor to start monitoring. It uses open-source framework so, you are free to connect it to other smart devices of your home. Luna smart cover is compatible with both iOS and Android via a free app.

As the smart cover gets acquainted with your sleeping habits and routine, it intuitively starts firing up the thermostat to give you a comfy cocoon as soon as you get between the sheets or brewing up the coffee when you usually get up. This internet-connected mattress is also capable to get instructions via smartphone.

Shipping and price of Luna smart cover

The first Luna prototype was created in March 2014 and now it is final phase of engineering and product design. According to the company, it will start shipping by August 2015. The pre-orders are open for Luna smart mattress cover for $179 via IndieGoGo. For retail, the price point will be $249. It is available for both king size and queen size.