Lovely Sex Wearable for Lovely Sex Life

Performance matters, deep down in the sack. Or at least the sex wearables want us to believe so. They are gaining popularity and keeping track of your well, eh for the lack of better word, moves in the bed.

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Lovely is the new sex wearable that works as a vibrator to enhance the pleasure for couple and provides you with insights on your sex life by tracking what you did there. The data is sent to the connecting Lovely app, on the basis of which you get information on how you can change the positions to make the whole experience better. Plus, you will get to know how many calories you burnt during the process and what your top speed was. So, instead of finding your way to sleep in each other’s arms, you two should check your smartphone to get a critical analysis right after that. Talk about getting conscious!

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This smart wearable sex toy is waterproof and made of medical-grade silicone. Men need to wear it on the base of penis to enhance the time of erection and stimulate their partner with timely vibrations. The wearable toy has database of 120 positions and based on your preference and history, it will keep letting you know what it thinks of your sex life and what should you be doing to improve it.

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It is made on a small circuit board and comes with inductive charging base. You can use it with different partners occasionally but for the best data interpretation, it is better that you don’t switch partners too often or use it with the one.

Lovely Sex Toy Wearable Availability and Price:

Lovely is on Indiegogo to raise some fund. If you aren’t comfortable backing a sex wearable in public view, you can do it anonymously.

The shipping is expected by next year.