LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones: Music and Fitness Plugged In One

Heart rate monitors are not breaking news for any of us. This year has seen plenty of wearable technology that focuses on heart rate metrics to deliver you the fitness data. But the only problem is that the data read by them cannot be a guarantee as these need to be in constant touch with skin to figure the heart rate. The standalone wearable monitors tend to slip away from the body and give false and skipped information. Moreover, it is also troublesome to carry too many things at a time starting you’re your headphone, pedometer, smartphone to water bottle and what not!

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Overview of LG Heart Rate Monitor Headphones

LG Heart Rate Monitor headphones come across as a one-stop solution for fitness freaks. If you are also the one who cannot happen to just choose among their music, fitness or progress and want everything to be rolled into one, then the LG HRM headphones may be the way to go. By pairing up it with your smartphone via the connecting app, you can enjoy your music as well as track your real-time fitness metric. You do not need to carry two separate things or a standalone device but can get precise fitness data while enjoy your music. The connecting app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you also have the option to add step counter if you connect it via LG Lifeband Touch. The workout features of the LG headphones include calories burnt, time consumed, heart rate zone, distance and speed. There is also a built-in microphone to help you respond to calls. The connectivity mode is Class 2, Bluetooth 3.0.

The device utilizes Optical and Triaxial Acceleration Sensor much like Jabra Sport Pulse wireless ear buds that also measures real-time heart rate. The voice guide intimates you about the battery status.

The headphones are equipped with rubberized tubes to help them fit inside the ears without any discomfort. If your workout schedule consists of squat or running, its extra wing support does not let the earphones come out of your ear and thus, bring consistency and accuracy in the results.

The lanyard clip can be used to control music and volume. The clip can be used to stick the headphones to your outfit that helps the sensor to record metric without losing the contact. To record your heart rate and power it, you need to plug the earphones into Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module ties to a separate clip that needs to be tethered on the waist. The color-coded information on the backlit switch of module is your guide to heart rate. It also includes audio output for your activity and battery information.


The connecting LG Fitness app opens up for a four-tab display that takes you through a whole month summary for a month, day and week. The activity tab and heart rate tab is for calorie consumption and heart rate monitoring respectively. The ‘more’ tab consists of settings and links to compatible apps as well as hardware.

The Battery:

If you are listening to music, you can expect the headphones to last longer for about 6 hours but with constant tracking and music, the 200mAh battery lasts only about 4 hours. The standby time is of 250 hours.

The Advantage:


The headphones work via the Fitness App of LG, which is compatible with both Android (4.3 Jelly Bean and above) and iOS (iOS 6.0 and higher) based smartphones. With Bluetooth Smart, you can use it with any smartphone regardless of make and model. Till now the wrist-based monitor such as Nike’s FuelBand and Samsung Gear Fit are compatible with iOS and Samsung smartphones respectively. The Universal compatibility gives upper hand to LG wearable.

With these earphones, LG also offers cross-platform compatibility with popular fitness apps such as RunKeeper and MapMyFitness. Also, you get compatibility for third-party heart rate monitors and fitness devices such as Zephyer.

Price of LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones:

The lightweight and multi-functional LG HRM earphones can be purchased for $180 at Amazon.

If you prefer to remain ‘wired’ to the music while running and want to track your progress too, then LG Heart Rate Monitor headphone are for you.