Huawei Smartwatch Release Delayed in China, Google and Chinese Government Conflict to Blame

Huawei smartwatch release date in China has been pushed further. Reason is the ongoing tiff the search engine giant had with Chinese government over not filtering the search results. It is to be noted that in 2010, Google closed down it operations in China as the former didn’t bow down to the orders of omitting certain results from the search and this conflict is ongoing since then, resultantly creating problems for Huawei smartwatch launch in China.

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Though Yang Yong, Manager Wearables, Huawei assure that except for China, Huawei smartwatch will hit the U.S. and Europe shores as per the plan, i.e. by September this year. Users based out of China may have to wait longer till 2016 though company has refused that it may change the OS to sort this back home.

The Huawei watch was introduced in March at MWC 2015 along with the next-gen TalkBand B2 and is a round-face design.