Honor Band Z1 – A new entrant into the wearable segment of India by Huawei

Wearable technology is on the rise across the globe. A small device which can be wore like a watch or pinned to the body and carried easily to calculate fitness related information like number of steps, sleep duration and much more is quite popular now a days. There are brands like Misfit, Jawbone, Adidas, Google and many more who have launched various wearables to cater to different customer segment needs. Adding to this segment is another new entrant, Huawei with its all new Honor Band Z1.

Honor Band Z1

The Honor Band Z1 is currently priced at INR 5,499 and will be available to mass consumers by the end of October, 2015. The exact date is yet to be announced. The wearable was announced by the brand along with its smartphone Huawei Honor 7. As per price, it is higher than other conventional wearables already present in the market.Honor Band Z1 does not provide the functionalists of a smartwatch but acts as a convenient notification alert for calls, SMS and calendar events. The battery life of the product is 3 days which is noteworthy as it does not need to be charged frequently. The device can sync to other devices using MyFitnessPal app which is available in Google Play Store free of charge. Honor Band Z1 is capable to track the number of steps, sleeping duration and other activities. Another eye-catching feature of this wearable is its bigger display which is larger than other wearables. The device is compatible with versions higher than Android 4.4 and iOS 7 and hence provides a larger range.

Though the launch of Honor Band Z1 is somewhat decided, the availability platform is yet to be announced. Previously, the Huawei Honor 7 smartphone was made available in e-commerce website Flipkart, it can be predicted that the same platform will be used this time also.