Fujitsu smart ring lets you write hands-free, in the air!

Fujitsu Laboratories announced a smart ring that is lightweight, compact and lets you do the air-writing. This ring wearable based on motion control marks the entry of Japanese company into the wearables. Motion control is not new but air-writing is. At some places, where you think dictating the message is not possible, you just have to gesture to the air and motion sensor will translate it to the smartphone. If like me, you also are of opinion that we are on the verge of becoming virtual slaves of keyboards and mouse, it might be just our token of freedom. And for some of us, it might be living out the magical dream where we like Harry Potter would just signal our finger in the air to cast the spell!

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Fujitsu smart ring

The Fujitsu smart ring also rolls in NFC tag reader so, all you need is to tap to get working instructions. The components as well as sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic sensor are designed in a way to reduce the size of the device but even though, by any parameter, it is huge. It is also expected to work with Bluetooth LE. It can be connected to the smartphones and computers via the companion app. And this also breaks the myth that a ring wearable has to look stylish and good as a fashion accessory because, it does not.

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Weighing in at just 10 grams, it features rechargeable button cell battery that stays up to 8 hours. The battery can be replaced too. To function, the ring needs a helmet, which tracks the movement of your fingers and recognizes what you have written using the algorithm. The ring has special button that needs to be pressed before you start writing. Apart from air-writing, you can use the ring to scroll through phone menu or to draw on a clicked picture or to write memos. As per the spocs at Fujitsu, the precision rate of the ring is over 95% even with the complicated Chinese letters. The company has utilized a proprietary technology for the accurate letter prediction and improve character recognition, be it numbers or alphabets. The best part is, the ring can trace handwriting as well as long words and you do not have to just write out separate letters. You can save the words that you use repetitively and you can also save the draft to be sent later.

Fujitsu smart ring1

According to the company, this ring is the future control system and may replace the keyboard and mouse in the years to come. As of now, it is just called the smart ring and there has been no official nomenclature.

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The helmet-connection to make the ring function does sound odd and a bit creepy. It is something that I would not like to see people doing in real-life scenarios. The industry workers or on-field engineers can use this ring with the helmet but I sincerely doubt about the corporate shots and commoners like us to use this helmet. Since it is a prototype and I am not sure it will be available as a consumer product or not, we can appreciate Fujitsu for the idea and accurate prediction as of now. Though, speculations are rife that the company wants to introduce the product this year and has started tests but if it has to hit the shelves, the company has to ditch that odd helmet first and make it at least look decent.