Enrique Iglesias and Drone Mishap: Lessons to be Learned

Drone gimmick during Enrique Iglesias’s Sex and Love World Tour in Tijuana, Mexico went horribly wrong when the famous singer sliced his fingers while attempting to grab an airborne machine. According to the event managers, the drone is used during an event to get the crowd shots and the singer tried to grab one to get POV shots for his audience. The singer has done it earlier but this time, something went kaput. Wrong to the extent that the singer’s white t-shirt had blood all over and Enrique had to be “semi-treated” on the stage. However, while the singer was advised to leave the show in between to get proper treatment but Enrique went on to perform for additionally 30 minutes to make it up to the audience. It is reported that the bleeding continued throughout the show. Francis Ramsden from the audience at Plaza de Toros de Playas posted singer’s ‘blood-soaked’ pics.

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It is the not the first time we are seeing drone hazards. Here we reported that how Tokyo Metropolitan Government banned UAV over public parks and gardens. Engadget reported the event and had some interesting comments lined up on the story. We would like to specifically mention Ryan Kelly’s, who claims to own an aerial production company. According to him, like any other IoT and technology, drones should be treated professionally. Safety, privacy and jurisdiction, these are the important parameters that should be followed. If they aren’t, incidents like these are bound to happen and as a result, the entire UAV industry stands at the chance of being blacked out.