Drive Smart with LG, Mercedes-Benz Car at CES 2015

In order to save lives and offer customers a more automated and smarter driving experience, LG and Mercedes come together at the CES 2015. The Mercedes-Benz will showcase self-driving car that will be powered by next-generation ADAS products of the Korean company, LG.

Drive Smart with LG, Mercedes-Benz Car at CES 2015

This ushers us into a new wearable tech that is not limited to just fitness but applies to our day-to-day life. The car company will lace its new car with autonomous features such as braking assistance and biometric features. Courtesy LG, the Mercedes-Benz will come packed with superior camera tech that will track the eye movements of the driver and monitor his alertness. If the camera finds the driver to be lacking alertness or feeling droopy, it will alert the driver. Moreover, thanks to the surround view monitoring system, the prototype of the car is also designed to provide proximity based alert and obstacle alert upon lane changing and parking.

If you are getting excited that you are finally getting to see driver-less car like Google’s, then you are in for disappointment because the technology exhibited by LG and Mercedes is more about smart and autonomous car and less of driving. With this, drivers can shift some of his responsibilities like staying alert and being aware of the proximity of other vehicle, to the camera and biometric sensors. Mercedes has also made it clear that the real driver-less cars will take about a decade to realize but with assistance technology like this, we can surely say that it may take some time to happen but at least it is not an impossible task.

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LG will use its mobile technology and entertainment technology within the automobile. The integration of technology and auto is relatively unexplored but not new. The semi-autonomous driver-assistance features are already tried-and-tested by Volvo. Mercedes trucks also have some of the features and it is also planning to bring S-class self-driving cars on California highways to test its driving capabilities on eight lanes, four ways and in real-life North American traffic.

Google is planning to introduce the next-gen Android into vehicles. Similarly, Apple boasts of CarPlay that is on-dashboard console for iOS devices and integrates calling, music and maps while driving. As of now, CarPlay is out for automakers like Ford and Honda and is supported by in-built stereo system of the car. Ford comes equipped with C-Max that keeps a track of the heart rate of the driver.

LG’s mono and stereo camera system will tell the driver about the pedestrian or cyclists on road. The system will also brake autonomously on too much proximity with another vehicle and dim the headlights when necessary. It will also help the driver to change lanes without bumping into other vehicle. The biometric system of LG will monitor the eye movements and alertness level of the driver on wheel.

In the return of leasing the core components of driving tech better known as ADAS or Advanced Drive Assistance System, Mercedes will provide the license of its self-driving 6D Vision to the Korean company, which it will use to drive great benefits by making it compatible with other auto manufacturers.