Blocks Smartwatch: Create Your Own Smartwatch and Keep Features You Want

Many wearables out there claim to offer customization. Acer Liquid Leap fitness band comes in a variety of straps. The brazen replica of Apple Watch, ASUS ZenWatch 2 will be available in two sizes and three different body colors. Apple Watch itself lets you choose from an array of straps. With Apple Watch apps, you can change the watch face. Motorola watch Moto 360 has Moto tossed Moto Maker Online Studio to let you toy with cases, bands and watch faces. So far, the customization has been strictly shallow, on the design front.

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But what if you could choose the smartwatch features and swap it with the ones you expect to use more? What if instead of fully-packaged smartwatch deals, you would make a bargain for the features?

Enter Blocks. Hopefully the world’s first fully customizable smartwatch. Like Lego blocks, you can create this smartwatch, with the features you want. If you are into running, you could pick the training features that measure your performance, accuracy and pace. While at work, you can use the modules with mic or the ones with NFC payment or which let you take calls over the Bluetooth wireless headset. During vacation, choose GPS module to navigate and explore the place without stopping in between the tracks to confirm the location.

Blocks Smartwatch

You can pick circular or square watch face. The rest of the watch is about modules that are plug-and-play. The metal jacks connect the link as well as pass the data between the modules. The main screen will roll in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, battery and Bluetooth connectivity. This is the core module and features like GPS sensors and SIM card will be the modules that you will add as per your requirement.

Running on an optimized Android Lollipop (not Android Wear), the Blocks smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. readwrite reports that it is the concept which earlier smartwatches like Samsung Gear adopted before it finally decided to settle with Tizen. The Blocks smartwatch is somewhat an extension of Pebbles’ hardware accessory port that lets the developers create and experiment without the need of an upgrade.

If I am not wrong, Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky once very famously said that sensors are passé and the smartstraps will be packing in everything you might need without the need of upgrading the wearable. The Blocks smartwatch makes his words ring true. At Google I/O, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group also showcased the module-based smartphone, Project Ara, so we know; this thing won’t take light years to actually become a reality.

At this time of another day and another smartwatch, the Blocks smartwatch could be the ultimate revelation. The Blocks smartwatch was one of the finalists of Intel’s Make It Wearable contest and is funded by Intel too.

As the smartwatch is based on Android, it is an open platform for developers, giving them the flexibility to create and explore as much as they want. Though, the catch is to create apps exclusively for it and not the generic ones that are meant for Android Wear.

Blocks Smartwatch Availability and Price:

There has been no information on pricing but the U.K.-based startup is gearing up for its crowdfunding project this summer. We also don’t have any idea how Blocks Wearables would like to sell the modules?

As we write this, Taiwan-based Compal Electronics has decided to go into an agreement to help Blocks manufacture the smartwatch.