Ringing In: Smart Rings! List of Best Smart Rings


More than the engagement ring that he wants you to put on your finger, it is the makers of smart rings that are vying for your finger. Yes, man, and do they look as awesome as that stone? Certainly, every inch of these rings is luxe, but are they as smart as they claim to be? Let’s find out! Rounding up here, the best smart rings available in the market!

The work of connected smart ring is basically to let you control your smartphone and its tasks with gestures. Plus, in case if you feel threatened or need help, you can simply press them and your preset notified contacts will be alarmed of your location and the incoming danger.

MOTA DOI SmartRing:

MOTA DOI SmartRing

Garnering eyeballs and accolades such as the most innovative product at The Consumer Electronic Show, it does the basic work of smart ring by controlling the connected gadget by gestures. But does it look beautiful? Well, not.

 It is bulky and I’m not sure how comfortable would it be to wear 24 / 7. However, its bulky size allows it to display messages, notifications and alerts on the ring itself. You can scroll side by side to display social media notification. You can choose to play notification that you deem important and vice versa.  It comes with rechargeable battery and is compatible with Android and iOS.  It is available for order here.  At $100, you can give it a try if you are used to flaunt bulky rings.

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Ringly Bluetooth Smart Ring


When it comes to look, this smart ring is a ten-on-ten. When you wear it, only you could tell if you are wearing a smart ring or a stone! While delivering the notifications and alerting you through gentle vibration, it looks gorgeous on your finger too. Having collaborated with over 100 apps such as mail, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, it lets you tuck your phone away and yet notifies you of the incoming messages.  It is available at various price points, depending on the stone that has been used. Unlike MOTA, it doesn’t flash the message on the display. It just vibrates and you can choose your contacts for which you want notifications for.

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Fin: Wearable Ring


Fin appeared on Indiegogo and got thumbs up! With Fin, you can gesture-control three devices. It is dust-proof and water-proof.  You need to wear it on your thumb and it turns you palm into a gesture interface. You can use this smart ring to change channels on your smart TV, manage your phone calls or incoming messages while you are driving! It can also be used to aid to VR experience and games.

Though, Fin is now rebranded as Neyya and had quite a lengthy delay after fundraising. It is available in three sizes, small, medium and large and intends to be unisex. Also, you are supposed to wear it on your index finger while thumb manages the surface for the intended gesture. Order it here.



On the outside, Nimb looks like a bulky fashionable jewellery but inside it wraps up the anatomy of a wearable that works to alert the specific contacts of your location.  You can press the button very discreetly, a much-desired feature when you need It most. Just in case, if you have pressed it accidentally, you get 20-second window to cancel the alert and notify the contacts that you are safe and sound. The window is password-protected and hence, only you can cancel it. It starts its Kickstarter campaign on June 21 and for the earlybirds it will be available for only $75. The retail price may go up to $150.

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Thanks to these smart ring makers who decided that wearables are beyond ‘wrists.’  Whether you buy smart ring wearable as luxury jewellery, which you could wear with party dress, or when you are going to a meeting and don’t want to be rude by attending your calls as well as don’t want to miss the urgent ones, or take it as wearable and want it to reduce your dependability on smartphone, either ways let’s hope that they don’t end up in the drawer as most of wearable tech.