AVG’s invisibility glasses makes you invisible

The security firm AVG has showcased the “invisibility glasses” at MWC 2015 that will secure your digital identity. Extending its security portfolio to online footprints, the division AVG Innovation Labs has come up this concept that bars facial recognition software from taking a clear view of your face.  In this digital age, unsolicited images and data projects such as StreetView can put up our faces and visual identity in the public domain. Facebook is also using DeepFace that auto-tags you and cross-references your face, resulting in privacy breach and letting people know your whereabouts when you don’t want them to know.

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AVG’s invisibility glasses

The invisibility glass utilizes the infrared light to prevent facial recognition technology to identify faces.  The glasses are in prototype phase and made of retro-reflective material.

If you want to try your hands on, visit the company at Barcelona to check the prototype. The company has stated that it is still a long time before you see such thing on the shelves for sale.