Android-based Google Brillo for IoT Set to be Unveiled at Google I/O 2015

Every day, the smart connected home is coming closer to become a reality. In this direction, the California based tech giant is reportedly working on a technology that will connect the low-powered electronic devices irrespective of the fact they have a screen or not. These electronic devices could be of 32 or 64 megabytes of RAM. The new software will be available under the Android brand and can make a sea difference to the mobile phone category for which the memory requirement is at least 512 megabytes. If it happens, it can also make the dream of connected devices a reality as this technology can be used to build bulbs, fridges, security cameras and even health monitors without memory holding them as hostage.

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The new software is named Brillo and is expected to have the potential to change the future of IoT. This move could help many startups which are actively seeking to create smart connected devices within a limited budget.

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This also means that it won’t be easy to stop Google. From Android to Android Wear, it is now the turn of Brillo which can create monopoly of the California based company as its software seamlessly integrates the web, handheld devices, wearables and smart devices.

Google Brillo is expected to be unveiled at Google I/O 2015 in Seattle.

Via: The Information